Molly Campbell / Misbah Rana

Molly Campbell / Misbah Rana

I'm back to spread my wings, says Molly Campbell

MOLLY Campbell, the Isle of Lewis schoolgirl who was taken to Pakistan by her father four years ago, only to return to Britain last week, has spoken for the first time of why she left her life of luxury in Pakistan.

Mother of all battles

LOUISE FAIRLEY MET Sajad Ahmed Rana in 1983, the summer she was 15.

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Misbah: my future is in Pakistan and I am not returning

THE Scottish schoolgirl who sparked a bitter custody battle when she fled to Pakistan a year ago has revealed she has no plans to return to this country.

Runaway Molly's mother in second custody fight

THE mother of the Stornoway schoolgirl who ran away with her father to Pakistan has spoken of her battle to retain custody of a second daughter.

Molly would be like other 'promiscuous' Scots, says lawyer

PAKISTANI lawyers representing the father of the runaway schoolgirl Molly Campbell have said that she would "soon be like any Scottish girl" in a culture that "condones sexual promiscuity" if she were to return to this country.

Mother tells of 'horrific' decision to end battle for Molly

THE mother of Molly Campbell, the runaway schoolgirl, has revealed that ending her legal fight to bring her daughter back to Scotland was "the most horrific decision" she has ever made.

Boyfriend of Molly Campbell's mother moves out

THE mother of Molly Campbell, who failed in her bid to have her daughter returned from Pakistan to the Western Isles, is no longer living with her boyfriend.

Runaway Molly to stay in Pakistan after parents finally agree deal over custody

THE runaway schoolgirl Molly Campbell is to be allowed to stay with her father in Pakistan, but her mother in Scotland will have visiting rights, a court ruled yesterday.

Scots mother loses child-custody battle

THE PAKISTANI father involved in a child-supervision case with his Scottish ex-wife has won custody of their 12-year-old daughter, Pakistan's Supreme Court ruled today.

Runaway Molly to write book about her experiences

RUNAWAY schoolgirl Molly Campbell has begun writing a book on her experiences.

Tug-of-love mum's contact offer rejected

THE father of a Scots schoolgirl today rejected a conditional offer from his ex-wife to drop her custody demand if she is allowed regular contact with the 12-year-old.

Molly 'sick with worry' says her father

THE international custody battle over runaway schoolgirl Molly Campbell has taken its toll on the 12-year-old's health, her father said yesterday.

Molly's mother drops custody claim

THE mother of international tug-of-love schoolgirl Molly Campbell has offered to drop a claim for permanent custody of her daughter.

Tug-of-love daughter gets to stay with dad in Pakistan

SCOTS tug-of-love schoolgirl Molly Campbell is set to remain with her father in Pakistan after her mother today dropped her legal bid for full custody.

Molly goes on rally over detentions

A 12-YEAR-OLD Scottish girl at the middle of an international custody battle has attended a rally in the Pakistani capital to condemn alleged secret detentions by domestic spy agencies, a day after a court allowed her to live there temporarily with her father.

Molly to stay on in Pakistan until January

THE schoolgirl at the centre of an international custody battle, Molly Campbell, will remain in Pakistan until at least January, after an appeal by her father was postponed, a lawyer for the girl's mother said yesterday.

Molly's father lodges fresh appeal

THE father of Molly Campbell yesterday lodged an appeal against a ruling that she must be returned from Pakistan to her mother in the Western Isles.

Molly to stay in Pakistan for now

THE Scottish schoolgirl Molly Campbell will not be sent home from Pakistan before a decision is made on her father's pending appeal over her custody.

Molly appeal delays return

A PAKISTANI court today delayed an earlier ruling that ordered Scottish schoolgirl Molly Campbell to be sent back to her mother.

Stress blamed as tug-of-love Molly falls ill after court case

MOLLY Campbell has fallen ill with "exhaustion" in the wake of the dramatic tug-of-love case which has seen her ordered to be returned to Scotland.

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