Modern Christians

Modern Christians

Christian ban is overturned

A BAN on meetings of a Christian group at Edinburgh University has been lifted on condition they display pro-gay posters.

Surf's up, so let's spread God's word

FORGET bible bashing. A dedicated group of Christians has taken to the waves to spread the name of Jesus and tackle the macho world of surfing head on.

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Church's Easter gift

A CAPITAL church is to mark Easter by giving away a film about the life of Christ.

The gospel according to U2 and Bono

Key quote "I waited patiently for the Lord. He inclined and heard my cry." - Bono, U2 Lyric

Now the liberals don the mantle of zealots

‘THE instincts of the masses are Christian,’ declared Cardinal Manning in 1868, presumably with some satisfaction.

Credit card worshippers buy up prayer space

MONKS at one of Russia’s most famous religious retreats, the Holy Lake Monastery of Our Lady of Iberia, have struck on a new scheme to raise cash - selling prayers on line.

Inflatable church aims to swell congregation

THE world’s first inflatable church was going on display to the public for the first time today.

Biblical sales for new streetwise Good Book

IN THE beginning was the word, but the kids didn’t get it. A new children’s version of the Bible written by a Scottish playwright in "the language of the street" has become a surprise best-seller.

This show could be the answer to your prayers

PERHAPS you’re after an embroidered chasuble to jazz up your image in the pulpit, or maybe you’ve run out of alcohol-free communion wine.

Clothes cross line between faith and fashions

MENTION Christian to most fashion devotees and they would automatically think of the design guru whose surname is Lacroix.

Chapel netting calls to prayer

HISTORIC Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian has launched a new scheme to take up prayer requests from around the world.

Hotlines to heaven

IT has been translated into countless languages, written on tablets of stone and was the inspiration for the invention of the first printing press.

Cleric’s Christian jihad rocks Georgia

HE IS the image of Orthodox piety and his supporters appear respectable and law-abiding.

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