Mobile phone theft

Mobile phone theft

Edinburgh worse than London for mobile thefts

MOBILE phone users are more likely to have their handsets stolen in Scotland's capital than in London, new figures have shown.

Man talking on phone robbed

A YOUNG man was robbed of his mobile phone as he was speaking into it in Edinburgh.

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Man robbed of phone in street

A MAN was robbed of his mobile phone in Edinburgh's New Town at the weekend.

The number's up for phone thieves

A SPECIAL police squad has been launched to tackle soaring mobile phone theft as figures show 15 handsets are now stolen in the Lothians every day.

Mobile firms receive message about phone blocking actions

MOBILE phone networks are for the first time to be measured on how quickly they block stolen handsets, it was announced today.

Crackdown on false phone theft claims

MOBILE phone users who lose their handsets but then falsely report them as stolen were today being targeted in a police campaign.

Capital phone thieves strike every 2 hours

MOBILE phones are being snatched every two hours in Edinburgh after another rise in handset thefts.

Phone snatched every second day in Capital

MOBILE phone users are having their handsets snatched every second day in the Capital, leading police to warn people about how they use their phones in public.

Thugs punch woman and steal phone

TWO men assaulted and robbed a young woman of her mobile phone as she walked home after a night out in the Capital.

Mobile phone thieves claim 5000 victims

MORE than 5000 mobile phones are being stolen every year in the Lothians, with a user being mugged for their handset every second day.

Locking up the phone thieves

A VIOLENT mobile-phone thief was yesterday locked up for four years and ordered to serve at least three years before being considered for parole.

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