Mobile phone driving ban

Mobile phone driving ban

Five years for driver who killed cyclist while using mobile phone

A SPEEDING driver who was sending a text message when she hit and killed a teenage cyclist was yesterday jailed for four years.

Minister fined for taking call at the wheel

HOME Office minister Liam Byrne pleaded guilty today to using a mobile phone while driving.

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Truckers face instant ban for using phone on road

BUS and lorry drivers will risk losing their licence as soon as they are caught using a mobile phone at the wheel as part of a new crackdown.

Hands-free phone 'worst distraction'

DRIVERS talking on a hands-free mobile phone are more distracted than when speaking to a passenger, according to a government-commissioned report.

Instructor's 'irresponsible' driving lesson call

A DRIVING instructor who was seen making a phone call while he was giving a lesson was among the motorists caught using hand-held mobile phones since tougher penalties for the offence were introduced last month.

Phone law traps officer

A SENIOR police officer has been caught using a mobile phone while driving, a week after tough new laws were introduced.

Mobile phone crackdown nets over 500 motorists

MORE than 500 drivers in Scotland have been caught by police using hand-held mobile phones since tougher penalties were introduced last week.

Drivers ignore phone warning

TOO many motorists in West Lothian are ignoring new tough penalties for using mobile phones whilst driving, police said today.

Death, jail and ban . . how mobiles and cars don't mix

I CHECK my mirrors, indicate and just as I start to move off in my car, I stretch over and rummage in my bag to retrieve the mobile phone that's started ringing. After all, I'm only doing about 30mph.

Drivers ignore new mobile penalties

SCOTTISH motorists continued to flout the ban against driving while using a mobile phone yesterday, despite the introduction of harsh new penalties.

Motorists face new challenge

FROM next Tuesday, the fine for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving will double to £60. In addition, those convicted of this offence will find themselves with three extra penalty points on their driving licence. However, this is not the most significant change.

Van and lorry drivers worst offenders on mobile phone

VAN and lorry drivers are three times more likely than other motorists to use a mobile phone while driving, a police survey has found a week before tougher penalties for the offence are introduced.

Drivers to face penalty points for phoning at the wheel

DRIVERS caught chatting on their mobile phone will face bigger fines and three penalty points from the end of next month, it was announced yesterday.

More than 100 drivers a week fined for using their mobiles

MORE than 100 drivers a week are being hit with fines by Lothian and Borders Police for using mobile phones behind the wheel.

Call for ban on hands-free phones

USING a hands-free kit while at the wheel is as dangerous as drink driving, according to a new study which concludes that all mobile phone use while driving should be banned.

12,000 drivers caught using mobile phones

MORE than 12,000 drivers were fined for using their mobile phones at the wheel in Scotland last year, as a police clampdown saw the number of penalties issued soar by 60 per cent.

Why it's a bad call to phone while driving

IT'S just gone midday on a Wednesday morning and the dual carriageway in Sighthill is filled with the noise of cars and vans as they make their way towards the city centre.

1,100 fined drivers get off the hook

PROSECUTORS have abandoned more than 1,000 court cases against motorists accused of driving while using a mobile phone, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Fatal-accident drivers face five years' jail if on phone

MOTORISTS who cause fatal crashes could be jailed for up to five years if it is found they were using their mobile phone at the time.

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