Missing Air France plane

Missing Air France plane

Airplane wreckage and bodies arrive in France

The remains of 104 people killed when a passenger airliner crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 arrived in France yesterday for identification.

Air France accused of killing 228

A FRENCH judge has filed preliminary charges of involuntary manslaughter against Air France over a crash that killed all 228 passengers - including two Scots workers.

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Search for passengers of Flight 447 ends, race for black boxes goes on

BRAZIL has ended the search for bodies from the Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic last month, calling the task impossible, but the search for flight recorders goes on.

Bodies of missing Air France pilot and air steward pulled from Atlantic

Air France says the bodies of the chief pilot of Flight 447 and a flight attendant have been retrieved from the Atlantic.

Air France jets to be fitted with new sensors

AIR France has said all its flights using long-haul Airbus jets will be equipped immediately with new speed sensors after last week's disaster.

Debris in ocean doesn't belong to Air France plane

NO EVIDENCE of debris from an Airbus A330 aircraft that vanished over the Atlantic with 228 people on board has been found, France's transportation minister said yesterday.

France casts doubt on Air France jet debris

FRENCH forces have found no evidence of debris from an Airbus A330 plane that vanished over the Atlantic with 228 people on board, France's transportation minister said today.

Radio log reveals 15-minute battle to save doomed Air France airliner

A DOOMED Air France jet broke up in mid-air after pilots spent 15 minutes desperately battling to bring it under control, leaked details of the crash investigation suggest.

Last minutes of Air France flight pieced together

AIR France Flight 447's last few minutes in the air have already been pieced together by accident investigators.

30-day race against time to recover Air France black boxes

INVESTIGATORS face a race against time to find the black boxes likely to hold the key to the mystery of why an Air France flight plunged into the Atlantic.

Plane crash widows tell of their heartbreak

THE wives of two Scottish-based oil workers who were on the doomed Air France jet that disappeared over the Atlantic have spoken of their grief.

Air France flight wreckage discovered

Brazil's air force said planes searching for the lost Air France airliner found signs of plane wreckage about 350 miles off the coast today.

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