Miss World

Miss World

Miss World contestants aiming high

A SOLDIER bidding to become Miss World said today she hoped her attempt to win the crown would help charities working with British servicemen and women.

Mermaid is too rude to go nude

WARSAW'S symbol, a half naked mermaid, has had her chest covered on a poster promoting the Miss World contest after the original was judged too erotic.

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Doctor tells how looks can kill

A DOCTOR who represented Scotland in Miss World has spoken of her two careers and how people often do not take her seriously because of her looks.

Miss World surgery lawsuit

THE plastic surgeon facing a lawsuit from the reigning Miss World, Peru's Maria Julia Mantilla, has hit back at claims that he exaggerated the truth about the work he did on her.

Plastic surgeon 'stretching truth'

THE reigning Miss World, Peru's Maria Julia Mantilla, is considering suing her plastic surgeon for exaggerating about the work he did on her.

Miss World hope blow

BOOKIES have poured cold water on a Scottish beauty’s chance of being crowned Miss World.

City student on course for Miss World title

A CITY student is the UK’s hot tip to take this year’s Miss World title in China.

Woman seeks £½m from Miss World bosses over charity dinner

THE claws came out in the High Court in London yesterday when the Miss World organiser, Julia Morley, faced up to a woman art dealer who claims the beauty pageant owes her more than £500,000.

Rigged contest claim dulls lustre of the Miss World crown

THE Miss World competition was mired in controversy last night, after claims that the Irish winner’s family connections might have influenced the result.

Lady in pink is top of world

ROCK singer Chris de Burgh’s daughter won the Miss World beauty pageant for Ireland last night in front of her "seriously proud" dad.

Chinese hope to share in Miss World's glory

THE £8 million convention hall looms above the palm trees like a gleaming tiara, ready to host China’s first Miss World competition, an event the mayor heralds as a "milestone in the development of Chinese culture".

Miss World puts pain before beauty

The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Hoover Dam, BBC2

When beauty wasn't in it

From its inception, the Miss World beauty pageant has attracted controversy and glamour in equal measure. Feminists complain of the degrading portrayal of Barbie-doll models; others insist it is a celebration of womanhood. But the 51st pageant, held in November 2002, will be remembered as one of the most contentious competitions yet.

£5 bet that baby girl will be a future Miss World

A MOTHER has placed a £5 bet on her one-year-old daughter being crowned Miss World by the time she reaches 21.

'Miss World' journalist vents anger at being scapegoat for riots

THE young Nigerian journalist whose article on the Miss World contest led to riots in which more than 200 people died has spoken publicly for the first time since she was forced to flee her country.

Miss Turkey takes world crown after UK hosts tainted ceremony

MISS Turkey was last night crowned Miss World 2002 as the controversial beauty contest finally went ahead.

Muslim authorities overrule fatwa against writer

NIGERIA’S supreme Islamic body said yesterday Muslims should ignore a fatwa issued by a northern state calling for the death of a journalist whose article on the Miss World pageant sparked bloody riots.

Miss World will return to Nigeria

AS RELIGIOUS leaders in Nigeria called on Christians across the country to rise up against Islamic militants, the organisers of the Miss World contest stirred up new controversy last night by insisting that the winner of the competition will return to West Africa.

Writer at heart of Miss World row faces Muslim death threat

MUSLIMS in Nigeria were yesterday urged to execute a fashion journalist whose article about the Miss World beauty contest sparked last week’s riots, resulting in more than 200 people losing their lives.

Out of Africa, Miss World goes on

MISS Scotland, who was instrumental in forcing the organisers of Miss World to pull out of Nigeria after 215 people died in religious rioting associated with the pageant, arrived in Britain yesterday and promised that the show would go on.

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