Heavy snow = 800 times as many midges

THIS year's midge invasion is set to be 800 times worse than normal following the heavy winter snowfalls.

Letter: Midge irritation

I WAS interested to read that there are people who spend their lives not just counting midges but also getting paid for it, (your report, 10 September). In the league of futile pursuits, this must rank very near the top.

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Scotland is hit by midge explosion

STRATHSPEY was Scotland's midge magnet this summer with numbers of the biting pest up 256 per cent on last year.

Two years from a compound to repel the dreaded midge

THE lucky few are about to come to the rescue of the suffering majority.

Harsh winter failed to deter pesky midges

THE harshest winter in Scotland for 30 years may have affected people across the country, but it appears to have had little impact on one hardy but unloved resident – the midge.

Blood-thirsty midges have us all sized up

TALL men and overweight women are more likely than their shorter and slimmer counterparts to fall prey to that scourge of the Scottish Highlands – the bloodsucking midge.

Avoid scourge of midges with iPhone app

MOBILE phone "apps" users will be armed with a hi-tech weapon in the battle against one of Scotland's most persistent pests this summer.

Revenge is tweet: midges are recycled into bird food

ONE of Scotland's most irritating occupants has finally been put to good use. The midge, blight of summer holidaymakers across the country, is being recycled as bird food.

Trial run for midge spray

HUNDREDS of competitors taking part in a race on the banks of Loch Ness are to test a new midge repellent, it was revealed today.

Tiny pests get real teeth

SERIOUS midge wars have broken out at the upmarket Carrick golf course on the banks of Loch Lomond.

Midges meet their match as golf club rings course with bug-busting traps

A GOLF course is attempting to protect players from voracious midges with hi-tech traps, it was revealed yesterday.

Man throws midge off the scent

THE mystery of why midges eat some people alive and leave others largely unscathed has been unlocked by a team of Scottish scientists.

Midge warning after mild winter

THIS year is going to be a record for midges - and they are going to be around longer, an expert warned yesterday.

Midge population has its wing clipped by the cold

SCRATCH your arms no more, or at least a little less - there will be almost a third fewer midges to torment intrepid Highland walkers next year.

A nip in the air

A SUMMER break in the Highlands sounds idyllic, but it has one obvious downside: the dreaded Culicoides impunctatus, or Highland biting midge. If you're planning to venture outside at all during your stay, the chances are you'll return with a smattering of itchy red lumps.

'One midge is an entomological curiosity, a thousand sheer hell'

FEW people who visit the Scottish Highlands during the summer - or those who live there - do not have a "midge story" to tell: whether it's being driven from a campsite by the biggest swarm of midges ever seen or forced to dress up in hoods and veils to enjoy a day's fishing or other outdoor pursuit.

Scotland's midges feel the heat as weather puts bite on pests

SCORCHING summer weather has proved a knockout blow to the dreaded midge.

Clean air brings tiny problem

CUSTOMERS and staff in smoke-free Highland pubs are complaining that midges are swarming inside to take advantage of the cleaner atmosphere.

New repellent puts the bite on midges, naturally

A NEW insect repellent which battles midges and other winged biting insects with completely natural ingredients has been rolled out across the country.

Plague of midges forecast

SCOTLAND will be hit by one of the biggest-ever plagues of midges and ticks this summer, experts have predicted.

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