Bubble trouble? Microsoft's £5bn bid to acquire Skype raises the spectre of the dotcom boom and bust

WITH his estimated personal wealth of $14.5 billion (£8.9bn), Steve Ballmer could have bought Skype without dipping into Microsoft's bulging coffers. He might have considered it too, had the board not backed what will be the Seattle software giant's biggest acquisition since the company was founded in 1975.

Microsoft in shock $8.5bn swoop for Skype

MICROSOFT yesterday stunned the technology world by announcing plans to buy internet phone service Skype for $8.5 billion (£5.2bn) as it seeks to regain ground lost to rivals Google and Apple.

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Dani Garavelli: Is the Windows operating system a force for good or has it made us slaves to Microsoft?

WHEN a bumptious IT geek called Bill Gates unveiled his plans for a computer operating system that would revolutionise the way ordinary people related to new technology few paid him much heed. In 1985 computers were still largely the preserve of scientists and geeks.

Nokia looks to Microsoft veteran to turn the tide

TELECOMS giant Nokia has hired Microsoft high-flyer Stephen Elop to replace its embattled chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and renew its drive to compete with Apple.

Lothian scammer sued by Microsoft

SOFTWARE giant Microsoft is suing a Lothian businessman convicted of selling pirate versions of its software on eBay.

New Windows OS brightens Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has posted a sharp rise in quarterly profits amid signs of a rebound in technology spending by corporate customers.

Speculation grows that Microsoft's Ballmer will exit stage left

MICROSOFT'S tough-talking chief executive Steve Ballmer and his legendary onstage outbursts could soon be yesterday's corporate entertainment.

Windows 7 does the magic for Microsoft as profits leap 35%

MICROSOFT has topped Wall Street forecasts with a 35 per cent jump in quarterly profit, boosted by sales of its new Windows 7 operating system.

Move over Bill Gates, richest man is a Mexican

A MEXICAN billionaire was today ranked as the richest person in the world, the first time the title has been held by a non-American for 16 years.

Microsoft in data centre talks

MICROSOFT is in talks with the Scottish Government about establishing a data centre to bring together information stored by various departments.

Microsoft cleans up as Windows 7 gives £4bn boost

MICROSOFT has reinforced its position as the world's dominant software provider after banking $6.7 billion (£4.2bn) of profits in just three months as consumers flocked to buy its latest operating system.

Microsoft's O'Hare is now king for Castle

RAYMOND O'Hare, the former director of Microsoft Scotland, has launched his own technology consultancy.

Blow to Microsoft UK as respected e-crime expert heads home to US

MICROSOFT has lost its chief UK security and risk adviser, former FBI agent Ed Gibson.

Microsoft and Google extend battle for dominance to Scotland

THE battle between American technology giants Microsoft and Google for global dominance has spilled into Scotland.

Microsoft making 800 more job cuts

SOFTWARE giant Microsoft said yesterday that it is cutting a further 800 jobs in addition to the 5,000 lay-offs it announced in January.

Microsoft logs on for Windows 7 start

MICROSOFT is this week expected to take the fight to arch rivals Apple and Google when it launches Windows 7on Thursday.

Hacker breaks into Microsoft e-mail service and posts 10,000 passwords online

MORE than 10,000 Hotmail passwords have been hacked and posted online, a technology website reported yesterday.

Irish chief replaces O'Hare at Microsoft

MICROSOFT will this week unveil an executive from its Irish office as the successor to Raymond O'Hare, who last month announced his decision to resign as director in Scotland.

Microsoft photo blunder: Software giant admits changing race of man

SOFTWARE giant Microsoft apologised today for altering a photo on its website which changed the race of one of the people shown in the picture.

Microsoft and Nokia link on phone software

MICROSOFT and Nokia have announced a partnership to bring advanced business software to smartphones in a bid to rival the popular Blackberry device.

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