Michelle Rodger

Michelle Rodger

Michelle Rodger: SFA on the ball when it comes to sponsorship

NOT everyone is a fan of Gordon Smith but the Scottish Football Association's innovative plans for next year's Homecoming Scottish Cup are ambitious, entrepreneurial and right at the forefront of new thinking on sponsorship.

Michelle Rodger: How family firms can manage the work life balance

IT'S HARD enough to run a business these days without the extra societal pressure to have it all: a rewarding job and a happy (in itself rewarding) family.

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Michelle Rodger: Community spirit as businesses put on a united front

A CURIOUS phenomenon is emerging from the lengthy shadows of the credit crunch: businesses are beginning to recognise the opportunities in helping each other trade their way through the current economic challenges and it's an unforeseen silver lining that's bringing out the best in our organisations.

Michelle Rodger - Home is where the heart of our future economy is, and we should support it

WORKING 5 to 9, what a way to earn a living. No, I'm not misquoting good ole Dolly Parton, merely reflecting on the growing number of entrepreneurs stumbling to the kitchen to pour themselves a cup of ambition not in the morning but during the evening, after a full day's 'real' work.

Michelle Rodger: Small firms are too important for Brown

SMALL firms – that's 93% of companies in Scotland – need some comfort in times of economic stress but there is a growing view that the Government ought to be doing more to help to those at the sharp end of the banking crisis.

Michelle Rodger: It's crucial to hone your message in a battle

The last few days have seen some stunning examples of what can go wrong if you fail to get your message across accurately

Michelle Rodger: Enforced retirement is a worn out practice

THOSE retired people among you may be looking forward to the UK Older People's Day on Wednesday. Well, maybe.

Michelle Rodger: Make no mistake – it's time bosses shared the blame

MISTAKES, it is commonly believed, are a great educator when one is honest enough to admit them and is willing to learn from them.

Michelle Rodger: Harley-Davidson's branding gets my motor running

WHEN is a motorbike not a motorbike? When it's a Harley-Davidson. It's not a daft riddle.

Michelle Rodger: Mind your language and watch your exports grow

THERE'S a real opportunity for cunning linguists in business right now. Linguists, obviously for their ability to converse fluently in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, even proper English (a long-forgotten and much-abused language, in my view). And cunning, because the right language skills combined with a dash of entrepreneurialism could be the difference between a domestic business success and a global one.

Michelle Rodger - Leave the office and make yours a home of the brave

Working from home sounds idyllic, but it has disadvantages such as loneliness and missing out on office gossip

Michelle Rodger: Noodle is super but firms need the human touch

THOSE fearsome multimillionaire dragons Duncan Bannatyne and Theo Paphitis could soon be out of a lucrative television career if fledgling dotcom business YouNoodle.com has anything to do with it. These clever young upstarts claim to have developed a way of accurately predicting the value of a start-up after three years of trading.

Michelle Rodger: Give employers a break from too much holiday time

THERE is not one day of the year that is not a holiday somewhere in the world. Tomorrow is National Day in Burkina Faso, Commerce Day in Iceland, Emancipation Day in Turks and Caicos, oh, and a summer bank holiday here in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and in the Channel Islands.

Michelle Rodger - All I want for Christmas is a brand like this

Santa Claus, or Father Christmas – whether you believe in him or not – has to be the strongest brand in the world

Michelle Rodger: Extra leave for new parents could kill small companies

IT'S hard enough to run, let alone grow, a business in the current economic climate, but it now appears that employers are going to face additional difficulties in meeting new employment demands for increased maternity and paternity leave.

Michelle Rodger: It's time to dole out some tough action on claimants fit to work

HARD work, it has been said, spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all.

Michelle Rodger - At last, the regulators are hounding the fat cats. Happy hunting

'Before a cat will condescend, To treat you as a trusted friend, Some little token of esteem. Is needed, like a dish of cream."

Michelle Rodger: A company car can't buy you everything in the job perks auction

BRIBERY. It's an ugly word, don't you think? And it's not something you would ordinarily associate with fair and honest business practice (although I'm sure if we're truly honest, we've probably all resorted to minor variations of it over the years to get our own way).

Michelle Rodger: I'm struggling to take on board this feeling of deja moo

OKAY people, listen up, I've got you all on my radar. Blue sky thinking, brainstorming and thinking outside the box have all circled the drain. Going forward in this space, we need to take an ideas shower and develop a holistic cradle-to-grave approach to the emerging paradigm.

Michelle Rodger: Motivator behind the Moonwalk

WHEN I was just 15, I put my last 55p in a charity tin and walked home to Pollokshields from Glasgow city centre. It was a month after my gran had died of cancer and I popped my bus fare in a cancer research charity collection tin in her memory. A small gesture, but it meant a huge amount to me back then.

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