First Scot convicted of mephedrone dealing is sentenced

THE first person to be convicted in Scotland of dealing in mephedrone has been sentenced to 200 hours community service.

£½m haul of meow meow drug is seized at airport

POLICE have seized a £500,000 haul of the recently banned drug mephedrone at an airport – the biggest amount captured in Scotland.

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Three arrested only hours after mephedrone banned

THREE men – two in Aberdeen and one in Edinburgh – have become the first people in Scotland to be arrested in connection with the new ban on the drug mephedrone, popularly known as "M-Cat" or "bubbles".

Second resignation as MPs push for drug ban

GOVERNMENT ministers are determined to implement a ban on the dance drug mephedrone despite the resignation of a second adviser over the issue.

Drug adviser No7 resigns and attacks ministers for criminalising the young

ANOTHER government drug adviser quit yesterday, claiming plans to ban "legal high" dance-drug mephedrone – also known as bubbles or meow-meow – were rushed through due to political pressure.

Mephedrone risks 'should have been predicted'

PARTY-goers who regularly use mephedrone may be increasing their chances of suffering from impotence.

Schoolgirls sent home after taking mephedrone

A SCHOOL has excluded two teenage girls from classes after they were found to be using mephedrone.

Deadly 'Meow-meow' drug will be banned within weeks

DANCE drug mephedrone will be banned within weeks, Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced last night.

China set to produce more 'legal highs' if mephedrone banned

CHINESE chemical factories are planning to outsmart the British authorities by providing more "legal highs" if the government bans mephedrone as expected.

Mephedrone users face jail as ban looms for 'legal high'

A BAN on the so-called legal-high drug mephedrone is expected to be recommended by government advisers tomorrow.

T in the Park bans Meow-meow drug

T IN the Park organisers have banned revellers from taking controversial "legal high" drug mephedrone at this year's festival, fearing a three-day binge could result in more deaths.

Ex-tsar: Hand mephedrone out in clubs

MEPHEDRONE should be handed out in nightclubs, the government's former drugs tsar said yesterday.

Teenager banned for driving under influence of mephedrone

A TEENAGER is thought to have become the first person in Scotland to be convicted of driving after taking the legal-high drug mephedrone.

Legal high may be banned, says expert

MEPHEDRONE is likely to be made a Class B drug, the government's chief drugs adviser indicated yesterday.

'Disgust' over availability of legal high drug after son's death

THE mother of a teenager who died after taking the "legal high" drug mephedrone today said it was "disgusting" that it was so easily available.

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