Vaccine hope as meningitis study finds genetic link

GENETIC factors behind the deaths of children struck down by meningitis have been identified for the first time.

Nasal spray vaccine for meningitis in pipeline

SCIENTISTS are developing a nasal spray vaccine which could offer protection against meningitis and pneumonia, it was announced yesterday.

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Parents confused over meningitis

MOST parents mistakenly believe their children are fully protected against all strains of meningitis, a poll reveals.

Warning after children die from meningitis

A CHARITY yesterday warned parents not to panic but said they should be extra vigilant after two children from the same area died with suspected meningitis in two days.

Family tragedies bring home harsh message that meningitis can strike at anyone

The "Meningitis: It Can Happen to Anyone" campaign sends out the message that the illness can hit people of any age, race or gender, and is not just confined to children.

Doctors get new guidelines on how to spot meningitis and cut deaths

DEATHS from meningitis and septicaemia could be reduced if the health service followed new guidance on the best standards of care, experts said yesterday.

Fresh bid to cut deaths by meningitis in Scotland

FRESH guidelines have been issued to doctors on how to save the lives of Scottish youngsters with meningitis.

Losing Kyle has opened up my eyes

It has taken his son's death and a near-fatal attack, but Stewart Brown has changed for the better.

Mother's joy after double meningitis nightmare

WHEN sisters Miah and Nicole McGill were diagnosed with meningitis in the same week, their parents feared they would lose both their daughters.

Meningitis vaccine trials 'success'

A NEW meningitis vaccine offering better protection to very young babies has been successfully tested by teams in the UK and US.

'Looks well' – doctor's verdict after 'cursory' check on patient who died of meningitis

A DOCTOR was severely criticised by a judge yesterday for failing to properly examine a woman who died just hours later from meningitis.

University honour for lawyer who lost hands and feet to meningitis

SHE inspired a nation with her tireless work to raise awareness of the condition which left her a quadriplegic.

Meningitis strikes students at Cambridge

THREE Cambridge University students were yesterday recovering after contracting meningitis. University officials said the students - two men and a woman - had become ill within the past 10 days and were "well on the road to recovery".

Schoolboy is second Scots meningitis victim

A 12-YEAR-OLD schoolboy has died after contracting meningitis.

Student dies as university hit by double outbreak of meningitis

STUDENTS at a university hall of residence were being screened yesterday after an undergraduate died from meningitis - four days after another student was admitted to hospital suffering from the same infectious disease.

Kyle 'had virtually no chance of survival'

TRAGIC Kyle Brown had "virtually zero" chance of survival given the severity of his illness, according to a meningitis expert.

Double trouble until a close call with death

THE two girls stood glaring at each other on the hockey pitch. Punches flew as the Musselburgh Grammar teenagers grabbed each other's hair and screamed insults.

Meningitis tot's mum breaks down as inquiry hears of medics' mistakes

A TODDLER who died of meningitis could have been saved if NHS 24 had got him to hospital earlier, according to a top doctor.

Family of meningitis death teenager sue NHS 24 for £200,000

A £200,000 legal action was lodged against NHS 24 yesterday by the family of a meningitis victim who say the out-of-hours service failed in its care of the teenager.

Baby born four months early beats brain bug

AN EXTREMELY premature baby contracted meningitis as he fought for survival in an intensive care ward.

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