McDonald's fast food

McDonald's fast food

McDonald's opens 24 hours ..but police aren't lovin' it

fast food giant McDonald's has been given permission to open its flagship Edinburgh restaurant 24 hours a day for the first time - despite concerns from police.

Healthy-food rules at school 'send pupils sprinting to fast food joints'

NEW rules introduced to make school meals healthier have resulted in tens of thousands of Scottish pupils consuming a worse diet, it has been claimed.

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UK driving McDonald's profits

MCDONALD'S yesterday reported better-than-expected first-quarter profits, with the UK and Europe one of its best-performing regions.

McDonald's to create 5,000 jobs as British sales soar 11%

MCDONALD'S is to create 5,000 jobs in the UK after the nation was singled out as the US fast-food giant's best-performing market.

Collapse in krona makes McDonalds too hot for Iceland

THE Big Mac has become the latest victim of Iceland's overexposure to the world financial crisis.

McDonald's spud has had its chips as quest begins for greener potato

IT'S often criticised as a standard bearer of a global capitalism that puts profits before the environment.

We're not lovin' it … McDonald's is UK's most-hated brand

FAST food giant McDonald's has been named as Britain's most-hated brand in a new survey by marketing experts.

McCurry beats McDonald's after eight-year battle

AS A name it extends back eight centuries to the Scottish Highlands.

US burger giant loses Mcbattle

MCDONALD's lost an eight-year trademark battle against the Malaysian restaurant McCurry, which serves Indian food.

Burger boost

BURGER chain McDonald's has seen profits boom in its British business.

£100 fine for outstaying McDonald's car park welcome – despite double visit

A FAMILY have been hit with a fine of nearly £100 for staying too long in a fast food restaurant's car park – despite going in twice.

Beefy UK stats boost McDonald's

FAST-FOOD giant McDonald's yesterday reported a better-than-expected 4.3 per cent rise in sales for last month, boosted by a strong performance at its UK outlets.

Battle over McDonald's plans for windmill

FAST food giant McDonald's has sparked protests by bidding to build a wind turbine next to one of its restaurants in the Capital as part of a drive to boost its environmental credentials.

Brian Mullens interview: Fast food giant's image makeover at a stroke

THE CLOCK hasn't yet struck 10am and already the Royal Highland Show on the outskirts of Edinburgh is in full swing. Farmers in tweed jackets and flat caps are busy negotiating with salesmen over the latest tractor models, while in the main arena prize Highland ponies are being trotted back and forth in front of stony-faced judges.

Salad or Big Mac? A burger may be the healthier option

SUPERMARKET shoppers have been warned that salads may not be the healthy option they appear after a survey found one contained more calories than a Big Mac and fries.

Couple sue McDonald's for $3 million

A US couple are suing fast food giant McDonald's for $3 million (about £2 million) after naked images of a woman which were stored on her husband's mobile phone were posted on the internet, it emerged yesterday.

A visit to McDonald's makes your day . . but not for the fashion tips

NOW I can understand why some companies synonymous with luxury and all that is aspirational bring in fashion designers to create work wear. Their people are representing the brand, they are the ambassadors and, from head to toe, they should ooze the values of the company. It's their corporate identity, after all.

Burger chain set to serve up McHighers

McDONALD'S has long been known for its McNuggets, McJobs and even Ronald McDonald himself. Now the burger giant's latest McPhenomenon – dubbed a McHigher – is set to come to Scotland.

Interview: Style-conscious McDonald's on fast-track to further success

Scotland chief hails success of revamp to turn burger bar into more a coffee shop

Profits fall as Americans lose taste for McDonald's

FAST-food chain McDonald's saw its full-year profits drop 32 per cent to £1.2 billion as Americans cut back on the Big Macs and the company took a one-off hit for the sale of some operations in Latin America.

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