Maurice Gibb dies at 53

Maurice Gibb dies at 53

Bee Gee's family to settle over death

THE family of Bee Gees star Maurice Gibb, who died of a heart attack last year, are close to reaching an out-of-court settlement with the hospital they blame for his sudden death which could run into millions of pounds.

Bee Gees guitar aids sick Scots

THE last guitar to be signed by all three Bee Gees is to be sold to make money for a Scottish children’s charity.

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Twisted bowels

FOR the disco generation, Stayin’ Alive will never sound the same again - not since Bee Gee Maurice Gibb succumbed to the complications of a twisted bowel. But what are these complications and why should bowels twist in the first place?

Tragic Bee Gee Maurice had twisted intestines

BEE Gees star Maurice Gibb died because his bowel and small intestine had become so twisted they restricted his blood flow, according to post-mortem examination results.

Tributes paid to Bee Gee at family service

HE WAS known as one of the world’s greatest recording artists, and the tribute to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb yesterday - though deeply private - showed the marks of his fame. About 200 people attended the funeral for the singer-musician three days after his death in a Florida hospital.

Gibb brothers retract 'grief-stricken' criticism of hospital

THE surviving brothers of the singer Maurice Gibb yesterday voiced their concerns about their brother’s hospital treatment, doubts which they later retracted.

Brothers who transformed disco into a global phenomenon

THE Bee Gees will never figure among the heavyweights of rock and pop music but, for a time in the late Seventies, they were as significant an act as the Beatles had been in the previous decade, or as the Sex Pistols and the Clash would be as the next beckoned.

Gibb's race to hospital for final farewell

MAURICE Gibb’s twin brother managed to see him one more time in the hours before he died, it emerged last night.

Final farewell to the 'quiet' Bee Gee

MAURICE Gibb once said the Bee Gees were "three brothers trying to be bigger than the Beatles".

Maurice Gibb

Bass guitarist for the Bee Gees

Grieving Bee Gees vow to question doctors

THE brothers of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb today said they were "devastated" by his death and questioned whether doctors had been right to operate on him.

Fans' vigil for 'critical' Bee Gees bassist

FANS of the Bee Gees yesterday gathered outside the hospital where singer Maurice Gibb is being treated after suffering a heart attack.

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