Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots

£350k for Mary, Queen of Scots letters

A COLLECTION of state letters covering an "important but little-known" period in the long captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots was sold yesterday for £349,250.

Elizabeth's instructions clear on treatment of her cousin

"IN LOOKING duly to the safe keeping of the Queen of Scotes … we have made choice of you for many respoectes to use your service therein as one fo whose approve wisdome and fidelity we have so great confidence," Queen Elizabeth I wrote in a signed letter to Sir Ralph Sadler on 12 August, 1584.

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Letters reveal secret orders to Mary Queen of Scots' jailer

A CACHE of 40 unpublished letters written to an English nobleman guarding Mary Queen of Scots, including four signed by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, shed new light on the last years of her imprisonment and should be purchased for a national collection, a leading scholar said last night.

Mary's last letter – six hours before death

THE last letter written by Mary Queen of Scots is to go on display for the first time in 30 years.

How Mary Queen of Scots wrote of her fears for strife-torn nation

DEEP in an archive, more than two dozen letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots, lie largely unseen for centuries.

Mary Queen of Scots' lock fetches a hair-raising £7200

A LOCK of hair belonging to Mary Queen of Scots was snapped up for a whopping £7200.

Bid to get Scarlett's Mary film shot in Lothian

TOP Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson could be heading to West Lothian to film her latest movie.

US bidder snaps up Mary Queen of Scots letter on eBay

A MUSEUM-quality letter written by Mary Queen of Scots has been lost to the United States after being sold to a collector in an internet auction.

Mary's rooms reopening after flaming good work at Palace

ITS priceless contents are viewed as key to Scotland's rich heritage, but fears that the treasures of the Palace of Holyroodhouse could be lost to a fire fuelled a £3.5 million renovation project.

McConnell urged to bring back Bothwell's body

THE First Minister has been urged to throw his weight behind a campaign to bring home the remains of a Scottish patriot who died in a foreign jail.

Spirited efforts to find spooks

A STRANGE light is swirling in the dark rain-filled sky above Hailes Castle. Beneath it, four shadowy figures emerge through the gloom next to a ruined tower, their faces obscured in the dark of the night.

Dangerous cipher that led to the death of a queen

IT HAS all the elements of a best-seller – a Scots-born, French-speaking queen, held prisoner by her powerful English cousin, becomes entangled in a secret plot to dethrone her captor. In her despair she communicates with her supporters with a series of letters written in an elaborate, encrypted code.

Mary Queen of Scots to be a Scarlett woman in new movie

THERE's something about Mary that Hollywood just can't keep away from.

The trouble with Mary

"A SCOT, WHEREVER HE MAY BE, HAS always at least one moment of the day when he leans against the nearest object and thinks about her." So claimed celebrated Scottish author JM Barrie when discussing Mary Queen of Scots in 1928. This tendency, he mischievously declared, was the principal difference between a Scotsman and his English "friendly brother".

Showing her age: dating method proves portrait was painted during Mary's life

DISTINGUISHING true portraits of Mary, Queen of Scots from the countless copies made after her death is a challenge for art historians. But the National Portrait Gallery in London yesterday declared a small portrait of Scotland's doomed Queen one of only two oils likely to have been painted in her lifetime.

Siobhan Redmond ready to play Mary Queen of Scots

SEA of Souls actress Siobhan Redmond is to star in a play about Mary Queen of Scots set to come to the Capital in the autumn.

Deadly attack of the Queen's favourite

BY WINTER 1565 Mary, Queen of Scots had been back home in her capital Edinburgh for just over four years. Having rid herself of the rule of her obnoxious elder half-brother, James Earl of Moray, she now reigned with the aid of a strange assortment of advisers. They included George Earl of Huntley, James Earl of Bothwell, and a person who was increasingly influential behind the scene, the exotic Italian singer David Rizzio.

We didn't help with history book, say angry academics

ACADEMICS have criticised the author of a controversial study of Mary Queen of Scots for thanking them in print for helping with a book that they said they knew nothing about.

There's something about Mary

IT'S WEDNESDAY, AND somewhere near you, an "entirely new" assessment of Mary Queen of Scots is sure to be taking place.

Mary Queen of Scots takes to stage in Dalry

THE acclaimed play by Liz Lochhead, Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off, is on at the St Bride's Centre, Dalry, tonight.

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