Martin Hannan

Martin Hannan

Martin Hannan: Yes bring it on, but just not yet

There is a country off the north-west of Europe that could be a world leader. It is rich in resources and has a vibrant, multi-racial creative population, but it is held back by its neighbours, apparently subsidising them heavily.

Martin Hannan on Eddie Turnbull, a football pioneer

Eddie Turnbull, who died yesterday, was an outstanding Hibs player and an innovative coach and manager who won trophies at Easter Road and Pittodrie

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Martin Hannan: People's party's lost the people

The election is now just over a week away, and good SNP member that I am, it has been very pleasing to see Alex Salmond lead the party from the prospect of finishing in a poor second place to possibly being the largest party in Holyrood again.

Martin Hannan: Restore life to the Cavalcade

The news that the Festivals Cavalcade has bitten the dust for this year fills me with foreboding. For all the promises that it will be back next year, the city council is so cash-strapped that it may well decide that no-one will miss it and it'll withdraw the necessary funding.

Martin Hannan: Here's a case for the defence

Mention defence to most men in this city and they will immediately think you are talking about the occasionally leaky back four of Hibs or Hearts. Be honest, chaps, they've both shipped too many goals this season, but let's not go there.

Martin Hannan: The last call for BAA to take off

Try as hard as it did, Edinburgh Airport's owner BAA was unable to overturn the Competition Commission's decision in 2009 to force the Spanish-owned company to sell off either Glasgow or Edinburgh airport.

Martin Hannan: Need for vision is plain to see

This assertion will probably make the city's planning committee choke on their canapes, but Edinburgh must be the most wonderfully maddening unplanned city in the world.

Family law: Mediators centre stage to stop the gloves coming off

With Scotland's divorce rates having just hit a 30-year-low, according to the latest figures from the General Register of Scotland, it might be thought that family law specialists were in the middle of a significant downturn in business.

Martin Hannan: They'll drive us round the bend

What do Holyrood Park and the price of petrol have in common? Bear with me and you'll find out.

Martin Hannan: Our city needs a sporting chance

That phrase "joined-up thinking" has been much in my mind recently, because there is not a lot of it about. Here in Edinburgh, we are seeing the public sector cuts bite more savagely by the day.

Martin Hannan: The traitors are court in the Act

In the next few months, you are going to hear and read a lot about criminals appealing against their convictions because of the Cadder human rights case. Many more convicts will appeal against the length of their sentences. They are likely to win and possibly walk free with compensation for unfair imprisonment, bringing untold grief to the families of murder victims in particular.

Martin Hannan: Real gathering storm is trams

There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and then there's spin. To listen to the spinning of opposition politicians on Edinburgh City Council in the last few days, you would think that council leader Jenny Dawe and deputy leader Steve Cardownie have committed a crime so heinous that they should be immediately lashed to a tumbril and then guillotined.

Martin Hannan: I vote for one day of elections

Back in the day when Stalin ruled the Soviet Union, that vast empire was saddled with a series of five-year plans to boost its economy.

Martin Hannan: These rights are non-negotiable

It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent and sensible Britons lose their marbles over the subject of human rights, especially when "nasty" Europeans are laying down the law.

Martin Hannan: The power of three

Craig Levein is not a greedy individual by nature but, after Scotland's impressive victory over Northern Ireland on Wednesday in Dublin, the national team manager made clear the reasons why he wants a squad replete with resources.

Martin Hannan: Seeing double is no bad thing

There's nothing like a few days in Florence to recharge the mental batteries, especially when the weather is kind. It really is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and though it can be just too busy in summer, winter is a good time to visit as you can get to see the Duomo, the Uffizi galleries, the Pitti Palace and all the great sights without having to queue for hours.

Martin Hannan: Let's become the real Festival City

Last week an acquaintance of mine railed on and on about the tramworks which were causing the road outside his house on the south side of the city to be carved up by JCBs.

Martin Hannan: The Big Society on our doorstep

Amidst all the nonsense spouted by David Cameron, the one concept that causes most people to hoot in derision is his vow to build a Big Society.

Martin Hannan: Festival pointers aplenty to behold at Cheltenham

With Master Minded's thrillingly close victory over Somersby in yesterday's Victor Chandler Chase raising more questions than answers, there are serious issues with some of the most fancied big names as we approach the Cheltenham Festival.

Martin Hannan: Pub losses may be nation's gain

Across Edinburgh and the Lothians, there is a sight which disheartens many people like myself who believe that a public house can be a good thing.

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