Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart losses widen

MARTHA Stewart Living Omnimedia has seen its losses widen, dragged down by charges associated with its reality prime-time TV show.

Yoga trip leads to more detention for homestyle guru

MARTHA Stewart had plenty to say during a defiant rant outside a New York courthouse when she was convicted of lying to share-fraud investigators. But America's lifestyle guru remained strangely quiet yesterday after an illicit trip to a yoga class cost her another three weeks of home detention.

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Yoga increases Martha's stretch

LIFESTYLE guru Martha Stewart will spend three extra weeks under house arrest following reports she violated terms of her home confinement by going to a yoga class and motoring around her estate in an off-road vehicle.

The American nightmare

MARTHA STEWART is an American thing. Unless you keep up with Americana, you wouldn't have known what she was about, what she was supposed to represent - before her fall from grace. It was only when things went pear-shaped for her that she became a household name over here.

Martha Stewart back at work

MAGAZINE mogul and homemaker Martha Stewart has returned to work for the first time after being released from prison.

Home guru Martha free? I should cocoa

IT WAS the kind of lifestyle makeover she built a career on.

Martha Stewart freed from prison

MARTHA STEWART, America’s domestic diva, today walked free from Alderson women’s jail in West Virginia after serving a five-month sentence for lying about insider trading.

What Martha did next

THEY probably wouldn’t have had any mineral water. There certainly would not have been a platter of pastries. And if the meeting was minuted, it wouldn’t have been by a secretary.

Martha Stewart revamps her life with TV apprenticeship

ONE might have expected Martha Stewart to have had enough of shabby boardroom tactics, but the United States lifestyle guru is to embrace the concept once again by hosting a spin-off of Donald Trump’s reality television show, The Apprentice.

Domestic diva set to clean up after jail spell

PRISON is working for Martha Stewart. America’s "domestic goddess", is set to reap a multi-million dollar reward when she is released from jail in six weeks.

Porridge is tough going for Martha

AMERICA’S domestic lifestyle guru, Martha Stewart, has slammed the "unappetising" food in prison.

Jailed kitchen guru takes a swipe at prison food

MARTHA Stewart, the jailed US domestic guru, called for sentencing reform and took a swipe at the "bad food" in prison in a Christmas message posted on her website yesterday.

Jailed Stewart agrees $8m TV comeback

AMERICA’S domestic goddess Martha Stewart still has three months of her prison sentence to go but has already secured her first multi-million dollar TV deal for when she is freed.

Martha Stewart sneaks into Camp Cupcake

SHE has rarely avoided the limelight, but yesterday when it came to the most humiliating moment of her life, Martha Stewart turned strangely shy.

Martha stirs the celebrity pot with a stunning makeover

CLEARLY she’s never played Monopoly. Or if she has, no-one explained the rules. This week, Martha Stewart performed one of the most stunning turnarounds of the theatre that is the celebrity trial. "Please, your honour, take me straight to jail," she begged as she mourned her loss of liberty. OK, so I’m paraphrasing, but it’s not far off.

Stewart asks to begin jail term

LIFESTYLE guru Martha Stewart has asked United States authorities to jail her as soon as possible.

Stewart opts to end ordeal with jail

MARTHA Stewart, America’s domestic lifestyle guru, said yesterday she would go to jail as soon as possible following her recent conviction for lying about a share deal.

Slump for Stewart publisher

MARTHA Stewart Living Omnimedia, the business of disgraced lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, has reported a bigger-than-expected quarterly loss and forecast a wider loss in the current period.

Stewart to advise on jailhouse lifestyle

CONVICTED fraudster Martha Stewart is already planning the ultimate addition to her best-selling range of domestic advice manuals - how to prepare for a spell in the slammer.

A fallen goddess

SHE WAS the domestic diva with the perfect life and millions of dollars in the bank. But yesterday celebrity lifestyle guru Martha Stewart was preparing to appeal a sentence that will replace her world of cake baking and society cocktail parties with five months imprisonment where her only comforts will be a pair of stout black boots and a starched khaki shirt.

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