Mars exploration

Mars exploration

Nasa images show that life may exist on red planet

IMAGES released by Nasa reveal water flows that appear in spring and summer on a slope inside Newton crater on Mars, raising the possibility that life could exist on the red planet.

NASA: Phoenix Mars mission is over

NASA declared an end to the Phoenix mission, five months after the spacecraft became the first to land in Mars' arctic plains and taste water on another planet.

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Mars's polar skies found to be an almost balmy -93C

A MARTIAN weather satellite has surprised scientists with its first report from the Red Planet.

Ice breakthrough in search for Mars life

SCIENTISTS yesterday hailed the discovery of water ice on Mars as a major breakthrough in the search for life on the planet.

Q and A: Colin Pillinger

The professor of planetary sciences – renowned for leading the team that sent the ill-fated Beagle 2 exploration spacecraft to the Red Planet – gives his opinion on Nasa's latest project, the landing of the Phoenix craft on Mars.

After 422m miles, a parking lot on Mars

WITH its monotonous landscape and mile after mile of dirt and dust, it may not seem the most fetching spot to take a set of snaps. But this is one of the first ever photographs taken from the surface of the Martian Arctic, courtesy of Nasa's Phoenix spacecraft.

Well red: Nasa's literary mission to Mars

When Nasa's new lander was launched nine months ago, it was stocked with a library of literature and art illustrating our vision of Mars. Jim Gilchrist wonders what alien eyes might make of it

Life on Mars a red planet herring

IT'S been dubbed the astrological world's answer to Bigfoot.

Dust threat to Mars rovers

NASA fears that unusually heavy dust storms taking place on Mars could permanently damage or disable the rovers exploring the Red Planet.

Cheers as space probe passes close by Mars

A EUROPEAN spacecraft carried out a close flyby of Mars yesterday, a crucial manoeuvre in its meandering, ten-year voyage through the solar system to make the first soft landing on a comet.

Grandest canyon may hold key to life on Mars

SPECTACULAR images from a Martian "grand canyon" have revealed signs of abundant ground water that may have flowed through cracks in the rock many millions of years ago.

Frozen sea holds best hope of finding life on Mars

A FROZEN sea on Mars may harbour life several metres below the surface, according to British scientists.

Martian probe 'may have killed off alien life it was seeking'

EARLY NASA probes visiting Mars 30 years ago may have stumbled upon life on the Red Planet - and inadvertently destroyed it.

Mars probes 'may have killed life'

TWO Nasa space probes that visited Mars 30 years ago may have stumbled upon alien microbes on the Red Planet and inadvertently killed them.

Mars spacecraft makes parting gift with pictures of the 'squirting gun'

THE newly defunct Mars Global Surveyor has delivered a stunning farewell gift to scientists studying the planet - crystal clear images of surface changes that point to the recent presence of flowing water.

Super geysers pepper Martian south pole

POWERFUL gas geysers that blast material hundreds of feet into the air have been discovered on Mars.

The all-new space race

ON EACH of his four visits, Robert Zubrin found life on Mars a cumbersome and challenging experience. There were personality clashes and arguments inside the 27ft-wide fibreglass and steel living chamber, which he shared with four other crew members. There was the bulky spacesuit he was forced to don every time he wanted to venture outside into the freezing landscape to collect soil and rock samples.

Mars mission team unveils a new recruit: robot Bridget

SCIENTISTS yesterday unveiled a robotic rover vehicle nicknamed Bridget that will be the centrepiece of the most advanced attempt to find life on Mars.

Mars to Earth, your mission, should you accept, is to laugh and learn

THE space scientist whose last mission to Mars ended in disaster has compiled a collection of cartoons from publications all over the world about science and the Red Planet.

Carbon find fuels hope of there being life on Mars

THE best evidence yet of life on Mars has been discovered in a meteorite that landed on Earth nearly 100 years ago.

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