Mark Thatcher's arrest

Mark Thatcher's arrest

Thatcher 'a corrupt womaniser' says wife

THE estranged wife of Sir Mark Thatcher has accused him of being a corrupt womaniser who ruined their marriage with infidelity and secrecy over his business affairs.

A very British coup

IN A PIVOTAL scene from Coup!, John Fortune's gripping one-off drama for BBC2, Baroness Thatcher (played with real panache by Caroline Blakiston) has been partaking of her son Sir Mark's malt whisky at his Christmas party in an exclusive part of Cape Town, South Africa.

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Zimbabwe ready to extradite Mann on charges of treason

SIMON Mann, the former British Army officer and alleged leader of a mercenary plot, who is being held in a Zimbabwean prison, could be extradited to Equatorial Guinea to stand trial after the release of the men claimed to be his "hit team".

Zimbabwe frees plotters

ZIMBABWE has freed 61 men linked to a plot to overthrow the government of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea. They had been serving sentences for weapons and immigration offences.

Zimbabwe fails to free 62 mercenaries involved in coup plot

PRISON authorities in Zimbabwe have failed to release 62 imprisoned mercenaries whose jail sentences ended yesterday, a lawyer for the men said.

Mark Thatcher denied a visa to enter US

SIR Mark Thatcher has been refused a visa to be reunited with his family in the United States, his spokesman confirmed yesterday.

Hint of Mark Thatcher marriage crisis

SIR Mark Thatcher yesterday fuelled speculation that his marriage has collapsed by announcing that he is to buy a new house in South Africa.

Thatcher repeats denial over funds for botched coup plot

SIR MARK THATCHER again insisted he had nothing to do with a botched coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea.

Thatcher sells South African home

SIR Mark Thatcher, who pleaded guilty last month to helping to bankroll a botched coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea, has sold his luxury home in Cape Town.

Thatcher to face questioning over failed coup plot

SIR Mark Thatcher is to face questioning by prosecutors from Equatorial Guinea about his involvement in a failed coup plot there, his lawyer, said yesterday.

Thatcher to face court questions on African plot

SIR MARK THATCHER will face questioning by Equatorial Guinea prosecutors about his involvement in a failed coup plot in the oil-rich nation, his lawyer said today.

Plot evidence no guarantee of Thatcher conviction

SOUTH African prosecutors said yesterday they did not have a strong enough case against Mark Thatcher to guarantee a conviction when they agreed a plea bargain over his suspected involvement in a foiled coup.

Mark Thatcher in UK

SIR Mark Thatcher, who left South Africa last week after admitting helping to bankroll a coup in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, is staying in London, it emerged last night.

Carol Thatcher criticises brother over his coup plot 'shenanigans'

SIR Mark Thatcher should not have become involved in the "shenanigans" which led to him being arrested over an African coup plot, his sister said yesterday.

Mark Thatcher heading to UK after plea bargain

SIR MARK THATCHER was returning to the UK today after striking a plea bargain over his alleged role in a coup plot in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea.

Who will Thatcher implicate in foiled coup plot?

SPECULATION mounted yesterday over who Sir Mark Thatcher was set to sell down the river after striking a plea bargain and walking to freedom from a South African court.

Thatcher avoids jail for role in coup plot

SIR Mark Thatcher today admitted bankrolling a coup plot in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in a plea bargain deal which allows him to avoid jail.

Arrest that was like a far-fetched novel

MARK Thatcher was arrested at his luxury Cape Town home last August and charged with violating South Africa’s anti-mercenary laws.

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