Margo MacDonald

Margo MacDonald

Margo MacDonald: Referendum rules must be set in stone

As a wee girl, I was puzzled as to how my schoolmates knew the precise moment "ropes" were passé and handball, played against a convenient wall, was in.

Election update: Poll predicts SNP victory | Full disclosure on independence demanded | Miliband heads north

Our round-up of all the stories from the Holyrood election campaign trail, plus the picture of the day and political cartoon.

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Margo MacDonald: Dodgy lenders must pay for it

Have you ever been short of the readies a couple of days before pay day? Lots of us have, but prefer not to dwell on times in our lives that might have been very pressurised or insecure.

Margo MacDonald: Freeze on tax is a council handicap

How we laughed when First Minister Salmond halted his assault on opposition leaders who dared to question either teacher numbers, NHS waiting lists, or the quality of local, public services.

Margo MacDonald: Counselling public on what future holds

Pat Watters. Don't you just love him? The president of the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) could have sat out the election and kept to himself his opinions, and those of most of his colleagues from local government, on the tone and style of the manifestos being produced by the big political parties.

Scottish election: State schools facing influx of private pupils

Independent candidate Margo MacDonald has called for a commission to be launched to look at how Edinburgh's state schools will be able to cope with a predicted influx of former private school pupils.

Margo MacDonald: It looks like Gaddafi is stringing us along

Regarding Libya, is wool being pulled over our eyes? In Greece, the envoy from Colonel Gaddafi has reported to the government there that the Libyan leader wants to reach agreement. That implies he might be willing to agree to terms on either stepping down without fear of being charged of crimes against his own countrymen or other countries' nationals.

Margo MacDonald: Deafening silence is not cutting mustard

In THE financial year 2010-11, Westminster government borrowing was £146 billion. In 2011-12, it will be £122bn. In 2012-13, it will be £101bn and so on until 2015-16, when borrowing will be £29bn. Bottom line? The UK will still be in hock to the tune of £1.4 trillion. Some cuts, some future.

Margo MacDonald: Changing the guard for a new school year

Recently life in Holyrood has seemed more like a game of musical chairs than a meeting of minds on the issues of the day.

Margo MacDonald: We have to approach Libya action with care

Callers to a Radio Scotland phone-in were almost unanimously opposed to the UK sending troops to Libya.

Margo MacDonald: Got to stop pushing off the pensioned off

What makes our role models? In a week that diminished the iconic status of the new generation of football managers in Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, and Aberdeen manager Craig Brown still looked like pretty good role models by comparison.

Margo MacDonald: Jack's the lad with right idea

Jack McConnell didn't disguise his frustration at some of the practices of the Scottish Parliament when he compared its atmosphere to a museum or gallery.

Margo MacDonald: FM alternatives both fail AV test

Newspaper headlines tell us the voters prefer Alex to Iain. Right now, if I had to decide on which one would be better at developing the Holyrood parliament and establishing a grown-up relationship with Westminster, I would abstain.

Margo MacDonald: Getting a grip on the future

All of Scotland's local councils are currently examining the finances of their facilities very closely indeed. Municipal golf courses, swimming pools and other sports facilities are under the microscope. It's doubtful if a single swimming pool, on its own without add-on money-making extras, makes a profit, for example.

Margo MacDonald: Election could answer some taxing questions

Bring it on! Thinking through how I would vote in this afternoon's "Budget" debate in Holyrood, I concluded that if John Swinney's spending plans for the next financial year are defeated, and an election precipitated, the world as we know it will not stop turning.

Margo MacDonald: Let's ditch PFI's crippling deals

PFI - described by the Thatcherite true believer Edward Leigh MP as "The unacceptable face of capitalism".

Margo MacDonald: It's a hard lesson but city schools will shut

It all seems like a very long time ago since we sat up, took notice and cheered Tony Blair's pledge that his Government's top three priorities would be "Education, Education, Education." Parents and teachers liked the sound of it then, and if the meeting of Broughton High School's Parents Association I attended last week is anything to go by, they still do.

Margo MacDonald: Picking Calman question apart

Calman is the current buzz word in and around Holyrood. It's invoked when the discussion is "More powers for the Scottish Parliament", or, "How to stuff the SNP in the Holyrood elections".

Margo MacDonald: This election battle is nothing personal

The countdown to the next Scottish Parliament election has started. So far, politics watchers agree the coming contest will be more about personalities than policies.

Margo MacDonald: Last word on plain speaking

Nyaaah, nyaaah ny' nyaaah nya . . . just because this column can appear to be a bit fussy about the usage of the English language, doesn't mean it's wrong.

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