Marc Dutroux trial

Marc Dutroux trial

Man quizzed over missing girls in case that chilled Belgians

POLICE in Belgium were yesterday questioning a suspect in connection with the disappearance of two young schoolgirls in a case that has shocked people across the country, recalling the kidnapping of young girls by sex killer Marc Dutroux a decade ago.

Dutroux jailed for life

MARC Dutroux, Belgium’s most reviled man, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for kidnapping, raping and killing girls in a series of crimes that stunned the country.

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Jail him for life

BELGIAN prosecutors yesterday called for Marc Dutroux to spend the rest of his life behind bars for multiple counts of child rape and murder.

Monster Dutroux starts life sentence

NOTORIOUS Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux was today beginning a life sentence after being found guilty of kidnapping and raping six girls, killing two of them and causing the death of two others.

Disgust at blundering judicial system forced a nation to take to the streets

BELGIUM has been outraged and revulsed by the Marc Dutroux paedophile scandal ever since 1996 when the case transformed the justice system into a byword for incompetence after the convicted child rapist and murderer was finally arrested following years of police and judicial blunders.

Drugged, raped and abused, yet girls still kissed and thanked the Beast of Belgium

THE two girls emerged blinking in the sunlight of a balmy summer day in August 1996 from the dank cellar they knew as the "room of agony".

Dutroux found guilty

Mark Detroux, the chief suspect in some of the most appalling paedophile activities ever to come before a European court, has today been found guilty of leading a band who kidnapped and raped six girls and killed four of them.

Sex ring claim

MARC Dutroux acted on behalf of a criminal network to kidnap and sell children into the sex trade, his lawyer claimed yesterday during closing arguments in the Belgian child sex and murder trial.

Dutroux 'was a psychopath'

PSYCHIATRISTS testified yesterday that Marc Dutroux, who is standing trial in Belgium for kidnapping, abuse and murder involving six young girls, was a psychopath who knew exactly what he was doing.

Abuse victims show basement

TWO young women kidnapped and abused by Marc Dutroux yesterday returned to the dank basement cell where he carried out the crimes.

Victims pour scorn on their captors' attempts to apologise

TWO victims of the Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux bluntly refused to accept their tormentor’s apology yesterday, after another day of harrowing testimony.

Dutroux survivors testify

TWO young women who were held captive as children in a basement cell are due to be witnesses this week at the trial of alleged child murderer Marc Dutroux.

Inquiry after key is found near Dutroux's cell

AN URGENT investigation was launched yesterday into security around the Belgian paedophile Mark Dutroux, after prison officers discovered a handcuff key in a bag of salt near his cell.

Kidnap victims were buried alive, court told

MOVING parents and jurors to tears, a senior investigator testified yesterday that two girls, allegedly abducted and raped by Marc Dutroux, were drugged and buried alive in a backyard in 1996.

Belgian child rapist claims he was just a pawn

THE convicted Belgian child rapist Marc Dutroux yesterday admitted kidnapping and raping young girls but denied murder and insisted he was a pawn of a child-sex gang that is protected by police and politicians.

Belgium's 'Public Enemy Number One' stands trial

HUNDREDS of police surrounded a new, heavily barricaded courthouse in the southern Belgium town of Arlon yesterday, at the start of a trial of a man whose alleged crimes have sickened a nation, prompted claims of police incompetence and helped bring down a government.

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