Fiona McCade: Madonna ruined pop music for women

Do YOU remember Kate Bush? If you don't, Google her. She was talented, clever and beautiful, the writer of wonderful memorable songs, and a unique singer who also choreographed and performed her own material.

Madonna's Malawi school scrapped after directors squander millions

A CHARITY set up by Madonna to build a school for impoverished girls in Malawi has collapsed and plans for the facility abandoned.

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Madonna 'too loud', says council

MADONNA has received an official warning from council officers after staff at her London home upset neighbours by staging a noisy party.

Madonna raids Scots museum for Wallis wedding dress copy

A REPLICA of the Duchess of Windsor's wedding outfit, currently on show at the National Museum of Costume at Dumfries, has been pulled from display and is heading to the set of Madonna's film WE, in which actress Andrea Riseborough plays the woman whose charms created a crisis for the British monarchy.

Madonna lays first brick of new Malawi girls' academy

MADONNA laid the first brick of her new girls' academy outside Malawi's capital yesterday.

Madonna's material wins her top spot in most played list

CHART queen Madonna has been revealed to be the most played artist of the past decade – nudging The Beatles into second spot.

'Gypsy King' praises Madonna

ROMANIA'S self-styled King of all Gypsies praised singer Madonna yesterday for using her "Sticky & Sweet" world tour to speak out on behalf of Gypsies.

Material girl tells how religion has answered all her 'questions of life'

IT IS an obscure sect of Judaism which brought a ray of light into the life of one of the world's most successful pop stars.

You're just so vein, Madonna

THE Queen of Pop's exercise regimen is legendary, but photographs of Madonna emerging from a London restaurant have fuelled fears she has pushed her body too far.

Madonna adoption saga hits Fringe

THE saga of the queen of pop's controversial African adoptions is heading to the Fringe.

Briton killed in Madonna stage collapse

A BRITISH workman killed while setting up the stage for a Madonna concert in France was named today.

Madonna's new daughter Mercy leaves Malawi on flight to UK

MADONNA'S new daughter has been flown to London, an airport employee and a source familiar with the pop star's adoption proceedings in Malawi said last night.

Madonna 'ecstatic' as Malawi court gives all-clear for second adoption

MADONNA said she was "ecstatic" after a court approved her controversial bid to adopt a second child from Malawi.

Madonna's second Malawi adoption bid approved

MADONNA'S controversial bid to adopt a second child from Malawi was approved today.

Madonna wins adoption appeal

A CONTROVERSIAL bid by the pop star Maddonna to adopt a second child from Malawi was approved today.

Painting of Madonna nude flops at auction

A PETER Howson nude portrait of the pop superstar Madonna and her former husband failed to sell at auction yesterday.

Paternity dispute erupts in Madonna adoption case

AS MALAWI'S highest court prepares to decide on Madonna's bid to adopt a second child from the country, a dispute has erupted over whether a man trying to stop the proceedings is the three-year-old girl's father.

Madonna donates £340k to quake fund

MADONNA has pledged $500,000 (£340,388) to help victims of Italy's devastating earthquake, the mayor of a mountainside village said last night.

Madonna flies out after baby snub

MADONNA left Malawi on her private jet yesterday after being rebuffed in an attempt to adopt a second child from the poor African nation.

Judge tells Madonna adoption rules can't be bent to suit

MADONNA last night vowed to appeal against a judge's ruling forbidding her from adopting a second child from Malawi.

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