To understand Shakepeare's later work we must note the close links between the Bard and his Scottish king, James VI and I

THIS week, the prestigious Arden Shakespeare series has been making headlines. The third edition of the heavily annotated scholarly volumes will include an unfamiliar title: Double Falsehood, or The Distressed Lovers.

Sequel takes a second stab at Lady Macbeth

LADY Macbeth lives on, a defiant leader of her Scottish kinfolk, while an English general tries to establish the new King Malcolm on an uneasy throne.

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What were Macbeth and his wife Gruoch really like?

THE NAME Macbeth has been so besmirched and blackened with blood it is now a byword for butchery and venal, vaulting political ambition. As for the Thane of Cawdor's "fiend-like queen," she's the archetypal evil woman.

Hubble, bubble Shakespeare's in trouble with history experts

IT IS known by superstitious actors as "the Scottish play", but a pair of historians are now questioning how much William Shakespeare's Macbeth actually belonged to England's most famous playwright.

Dial M for Macbeth - on your mobile phone

YOU'VE studied the history and seen the play - now get ready for Macbeth, the text message.

Is this a First Minister I see before me?

A LIBERAL Democrat MSP will play the part of First Minister in a modern re-telling of Macbeth by a theatre group based at the Scottish Parliament.

Daggers drawn as Hollywood rivals do battle over Macbeth

"DOUBLE, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." Four centuries after Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, two rival sets of film-makers are battling to produce a Hollywood version of the "Scottish play".

A dramatic coup for Traverse as Macbeth to be staged in city

A PRODUCTION of Macbeth which has played to sell-out audiences is coming to the Capital for the only Scottish date in its global tour.

Double curse of the unnameable play

"DID YOU KNOW Macbeth was born 1,000 years ago this year?" an interviewer from Estonian Television asks me.

MSPs seek to improve Macbeth's image

PARLIAMENTARIANS have stepped in to give Scotland's most recognised king a 21st century image makeover.


IT IS hard to think of anyone who has had a worse press than the much-maligned anti-hero of the "Scottish Play". Shakespeare’s Macbeth was a no-good murderer who killed the good and fair King Duncan, but received his comeuppance in the end.

After Macbeth, who is next for rehab?

WHAT is drama? And what is truth? This week, Members of the Scottish Parliament launched a campaign to rehabilitate Macbeth. They feel he was unfairly treated by Shakespeare.

MSPs make a play to turn Macbeth into a tourist attraction

MSPS have launched a campaign to rehabilitate Macbeth in an effort to turn Shakespeare’s murderous villain into a positive tourist attraction.

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