Lynne McCrossan

Lynne McCrossan

Lynne McCrossan: Jenners is far from fit for a princes street

Princes Street has taken a bit of a battering in recent years, none worse than the verbal whippings it receives from the people who pound its pavement.

Lynne McCrossan: If it suits you, sir, then that's what you wear

DRESSING for the job you want is a phrase that has always haunted me.

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Lynne McCrossan: The stage is set for future of fashion

If you've ever wanted to know what standing in the eye of a storm feels like get backstage at a fashion show - Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show 2011 to be exact.

Off the peg: The jeans are in your genes

When you look in the mirror, it's easy to pinpoint which parts of your body you picked up from your parents.

Lynne McCrossan: Return to our TV screens is just fabulous

DUST down your "Sweetie-Darlings" and rejoice in the return of two of fashion's finest ever heavyweights.

Lynne McCrossan: Hard-wearing linen is woven into our lives

THERE are some trends that were built to stand the test of time, leaving every fashionista safe in the knowledge that the item ageing in the back of their wardrobe will only get better looking the older it gets - a little like David Beckham.

Lynne McCrossan: Tracksuits are here to break all the laws

There is one man in fashion who every true fashionista puts above the rest. He wasn't a designer, milliner or shoe manufacturer, but his influence is still felt today.

Lynne McCrossan: When white is just not right

There is no escaping matrimonial madness in the Capital right now. Every cobbled corner you turn a bride appears gushing at her groom, oblivious to the pandemonium they are causing as the city tries to go about its business.

Lynne McCrossan: I'm happy to be out of Africa and back home

I NOW know how Dorothy must have felt when she was stuck in Oz. It wasn't that it didn't have beautiful parts to peek at, the sun shown for the majority of her journey, she made three special friends en route and even bagged a pair of awesome ruby slippers while she was there.

Lynne McCrossan: It's never as simple as 'it's only a dress'

Never again will the words "It's only a dress" leave my lips.

Lynne McCrossan: Man's dressed to depress us

BEAUTIFULLY bleached hair, chiselled cheekbones and legs you could get lost looking at.

Lynne McCrossan: Jane's disciples all over the city

There once was a girl from Little Rock who taught us that "gentlemen prefer blondes". Two years later she insisted those same gentlemen "marry brunettes".

Lynne McCrossan: I wish I'd turned on my high-heels and walked away

Moving home is never the most stylish or stress-free situation in life.

Lynne McCrossan: Carol's vintage display leaves States in the shade

EVERY once in a while, a design craze sweeps the city as if out of nowhere. This time, Edinburgh is embracing the beauty of the 1920s and 30s thanks to Boardwalk Empire.

Lynne McCrossan: How do they know what we want to wear?

WE are currently in the midst of fashion week madness.

Off the peg: Forget the films, focus on frocks

FEBRUARY has to be every fashionstas' favourite month.

Lynne McCrossan: Remember to hang on to all those outfits

WOMANKIND are wicked wenches and the wickedness starts with the wardrobe . . . well, that's what a recent survey would have us all believe.

Lynne McCrossan: Snow denying these sales are simply the best

THE results are in: the internet was king while the high street took a hammering.

Lynne McCrossan: It's proof of mac's success

AS A NATION we take a lot of our daily items for granted.

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