Luke Walmsley murder

Luke Walmsley murder

Luke killer's sister says he should rot

THE sister of the school bully who murdered 14-year-old Luke Walmsley said he should "rot behind bars for the rest of his life".

Life sentence for the 'evil' teenager who stabbed perfect pupil to death

THE mother of Luke Walmsley, the Lincolnshire teenager murdered by an older pupil in a school corridor as others watched in disbelief, described his killer as an "evil bully" who had "cruelly and maliciously" taken her son away from her.

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Bright future cut short by boy with violent past

SPORTS-MAD Luke Walmsley appeared to have a bright future ahead and dreamed of becoming a police officer.

Pupil who murdered Luke gets life term

A SCHOOLBOY killer who knifed a teenager to death in front of a crowd of pupils was detained for life today.

Teenager guilty of school murder

A SCHOOLBOY who knifed a younger pupil to death outside a classroom as he chatted to his friends about football was facing a life sentence last night.

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