Love, marriage and relationships

Love, marriage and relationships

Love at first site: A guide to dating online

Once seen as a peculiar pursuit even for computer nerds, online dating is now a multi-billion-pound global business. Alice Wyllie investigates the growing number of sites for those casting their net for a partner

Scotland's marriage rate on the rise

The number of people getting married in Scotland rose by nearly a thousand last year, new figures show.

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This red hot hotel has got the SEX factor

IT'S had more Mr and Mrs Smiths in its guest book than a telephone directory.

Families face prison under new law to curb 'traumatic' forced marriage

FAMILY members involved in setting up forced marriages in Scotland could face prison and fines as part of a crackdown on the practice one victim described as "immensely traumatic".

More couples saying 'I do' as marriage rates rise

SCOTLAND'S marriage rate has seen a "rare increase" after five years of decline, new figures have revealed.

Internet 'Cupid' is in the right place at the right time

LOVE. It's eyes meeting across a crowded room, perhaps a slow dawning realisation that you could be more than just good friends. It's hearts and flowers, "our song" and silly secret nicknames.

Scotland tops wedded bliss chart with 78% 'happy'

MARRIED couples in Scotland appear to have found the key to long-lasting love after topping a poll of happiness levels within marriage, according to a survey released today.

Couples making their big day pay

AS WE enter the wedding season, austerity is hitting those households which are hitching. Couples are tearing up the traditional wedding list and asking for hard cash instead to pay for a new home or honeymoon.

Should you insure against marriage mishaps?

WHAT is supposed to be the happiest day of your life can end in tears when things go wrong, writes Teresa Hunter. Indeed, the fear that your dreams will be ruined keeps plenty of brides-to-be awake at night.

'Trash the dress' brides now vow

ONCE it was lovingly stored in layers of tissue or hung in the press as a keepsake or awaiting the day it might be handed to a daughter.

The new swingers: What's the appeal of sex with strangers?

Quietly, a scene has developed that challenges the 1970s swinger stereotypes of car keys and canapés but, asks Jackie Hunter, what do those who have sex with strangers get out of it all?

Say 'I do' to the Humanist touch when tying the knot

STARING into the eyes of her soon-to-be husband, Elizabeth Ericsson clutches his hands firmly as he promises to love her for the rest of his life.

Call to discourage first-cousin marriages

A LEADING expert in family law will this week call for a "vigorous" public campaign against marriages between cousins.

Marriages at lowest level since Queen Victoria's day

THE number of marriages taking place in Scotland has dropped to its lowest since Victorian times.

Bridezillas resorting to dirty tricks to force their man up the aisle

SIX in ten brides use underhand tactics to ensure that their partner pops the question, according to a new survey.

Divorce inquiries soar by one third

DIVORCE enquiries are up a third on this time last year as couples forced apart by the financial pressures of the downturn seek a final split.

Change your life for the better in 2010

IT'S a bright, shiny new year and time to drag out and address those issues you've been sweeping under the carpet.

Love in a bold climate

Learning to speak about sex with your partner is the key to a happy and healthy relationship

Wedding business doing all white

THE recession may be continuing to bite but brides-to-be are making sure the economic downturn will not ruin their big day.

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