Lothian Buses strike

Lothian Buses strike

Bus cut protest as 13 proves unlucky for some

MORE than 100 residents have objected to the council after a bus service was scaled back by transport chiefs.

Buses chief optimistic after difficult period

THE head of Lothian Buses described 2005 as a "challenging" year for the company after widespread strike action by his staff, road closures across the Capital and massive disruption caused by the G8 summit.

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First Bus drivers vote for two days of strike action

MORE than 350 bus drivers in Edinburgh have voted to hold two days of strike action - just weeks after a separate industrial dispute hit the Capital.

Strike action 'still an option' for bus drivers

STRIKE action by bus drivers in the Lothians is "still an option", union leaders said last night.

Passengers kept in the dark over threatened bus strike

PASSENGERS are being kept in the dark over the threat of further bus strike action in the Lothians.

Bus drivers accept pay rise

THE threat of more strikes at Lothian Buses at the height of the Edinburgh International Festival has been averted after drivers voted in a ballot to accept a 12 per cent pay rise.

Bus drivers accept pay offer

BUS drivers in the Capital have accepted a pay deal to end further strike action, despite nearly 500 votes against the latest offer.

Bus services back on track

LOTHIAN Buses will resume normal service on Monday following the series of crippling strikes.

Passengers hit by strikes to share compensation

MORE than £500,000 is to be paid out in compensation to tens of thousands of passengers inconvenienced by a wave of bus strikes in Edinburgh.

Lothian to offer passengers £500,000 bus strikes payout

BUS chiefs are set to pay out more than £500,000 in compensation following a series of crippling strikes in the city.

Compensation plans for passengers stranded by strike

PASSENGERS who were asked to leave buses during last week's wildcat strike are set to receive compensation.

Passengers hit by strike to get pay-off

PASSENGERS who were turfed off buses during this week's wildcat strike are set to receive compensation.

Union in deal to stop militants

TRADE union leaders struck a pay deal with bosses from Lothian Buses because they did not want militants to take control of the dispute.

Union leader with eyes on the long-term prize

AS the union representative for 1400 Lothian Buses drivers, Peter Williamson is the man threatening to cripple the city's transport system.

New talks bid after drivers' wildcat strike

CRUNCH talks were set to resume today after a sudden wildcat strike by the Capital's bus drivers stranded hundreds of passengers and brought chaos to the city centre.

Capital chaos as bus drivers stage a wildcat strike

A WILDCAT strike by drivers plunged bus services in Edinburgh into chaos yesterday.

Crisis bus talks in bid to halt all-out strike

CRISIS talks were due to take place today in a bid to avert an all-out strike by Edinburgh's bus drivers.

New talks to avert all-out bus strike

TALKS are to be held today in an attempt to avoid a threatened indefinite strike by drivers at Edinburgh's main bus operator.

Bus drivers rally to gauge support for more strikes

BUS drivers were set to stage a mass meeting today to discuss the on-going pay dispute which removed all Lothian Buses' services throughout the weekend.

Retailers 'to lose millions' as bus strike grinds city to a halt

TRADERS face a drop of up to 25 per cent in their takings over the weekend as city bus services are brought to a standstill.

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