London Riots

London Riots

'Three precious gemstones' hailed as riots martyrs

Thousands of mourners turned out for the funerals of three "precious gemstones" who died as they tried to protect shops and homes from looters.

Scots boy banned from internet

A SCHOOLBOY has been banned from using the internet until he stands trial accused of trying to incite riots on Facebook.

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Britain in last chance saloon with the riots 'Cameron's 9/11 moment'

THE gulf in the coalition bet-ween the Lib Dems and the Tor-ies on how to tackle the social problems surrounding the recent rioting and looting in English cities widened after Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith declared Britain is in "the last chance saloon".

Analysis: Is tough stance right? No

While it is understandable that the courts have been asked to treat the public disturbances as an aggravating factor, this should be balanced against a key principle of criminal justice, that of proportionality.

Analysis: Is tough stance right? Yes

Everyone is disgusted at the wanton scenes of rioting and looting seen last week.

Alex Salmond told rioting could break out in Scotland

A LEADING crime writer has warned First Minister Alex Salmond against "congratulating himself" that the riots of last week could not happen in Scotland.

£20m injection for the worst hit parts of London

RIOT-hit Tottenham and Croydon are to receive £20 million of investment to kick-start economic growth and regeneration, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced.

Coalition at war over penal sentences dished out to rioters

CRACKS within the coalition have opened up with a row over the sentences being given to people found guilty of taking part in the riots and looting in English cities.

Man arrested on suspicion of attempting to murder police

POLICE have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after two police officers were mown down while chasing looters during last week's riots.

No warning signs to predict riots, says top police officer

There was almost "non-existent pre-intelligence" in foreseeing the widespread riots which broke out across England, the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers has said.

Chaos reigns as Boris Johnson pops up in Peckham

London Mayor Boris Johnson paid a chaotic visit to riot-hit Peckham to show his support for the community after last week's disturbances.

US supercop not suitable for top job at Met, says May

HOME Secretary Theresa May has ruled out the appointment of a US "supercop" as the new head of Scotland Yard.

'Londoners want to see loads of police'

LONDON mayor Boris Johnson said he is "obsessed" with getting more police officers on the street in the wake of the riots that rocked the capital last week.

Chewing gum costs teen looter £85

A JUDGE praised the parents of a 14-year-old boy for turning him into the police after he confessed to looting three packets of chewing gum worth just £1.

Adams 'unfit to be BBC presenter' after tweets telling Boris to 'p*** off'

KAYE Adams, the BBC broadcaster, has been accused of being unfit to present a top current affairs programmes after she tweeted that Boris Johnson "should p*** off back to boarding school".

'It's my job to tell the police what to do' insists Home Secretary

HOME Secretary Theresa May has hit back at senior police chiefs over political criticism of their initial riot response, insisting it was her job to tell forces "what the public want them to do".

Now comes war of words over response to riots

DAVID Cameron will promise to confront the "slow motion moral collapse" behind last week's rioting today as the fallout continues from the orgy of destruction that swept parts of England.

Magistrates vent frustrations as courts clog up

A QUESTION mark hung over the courts' ability to process hundreds of people charged over the riots in London.

Pair appear in court charged with murdering three hit by car

A 26-YEAR-OLD man and a teenager were remanded in custody after appearing in court yesterday charged with the murders of three men who were struck by a car during last week's riots.

Wounded city rallies with 'one voice for peace'

ON A bright summer's day, the stage in Winson Green bore a message of hope and light after the recent darkness: "One Birmingham, one city, one voice for peace."

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