London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Interview: Jonathan Saunders, fashion designer

A CROWD is gathering backstage at Jonathan Saunders' London Fashion Week show. Lynsey Alexander, senior make-up artist for the Mac Pro team and a down-to-earth Scot with seemingly endless supplies of both energy and patience, is putting the finishing touches to a beautiful black girl's face. It is this model, it seems, who is the source of all the excitement.

Fashion: The A - Z of trends for summer/spring 2011

From architectural prints to zinging colour, there's a whole alphabet of style to be explored this season

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Interview: Erin O'Connor, supermodel

Erin O'Connor is used to being judged on her appearance. The 33-year-old English supermodel whom Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld once described as "one of the best models in the world" is so striking that the eyes of everyone in the room linger on her angular, disarmingly symmetrical features and elongated frame.

London Fashion Week: The Northern Lights

AS London Fashion Week draws to a close, designers from north of the Border have again left their mark. From PVC and lace to furry trainers, leather kilts and snakeskin, we round up the highlights of the Scottish collections at Britain's premier showcase

London Fashion Week: Model Behaviour

THERE are rather a lot of misconceptions about models: they're dumb… they don't eat… they survive on fags and champagne… they won't get out of bed for less than £10,000. Of course, the reality of life working as a model is rather different, and for the hundreds of models currently walking the runways at London Fashion Week, it's probably a little irritating that many people think their lives are all parties and bumper pay-cheques.

London Fashion Week: Making up is hard to do

BEAUTY, glamour, grace … the moment the curtains part and a model walks down the catwalk, all we see is what the designer wants us to see. She is the swan on the surface, gliding effortlessly across the glassy lake, while underneath, behind the scenes, the picture is rather more chaotic.

London Fashion Week: Caring with style

A spectacular gathering of A-listers and Britain's fashion elite raises a million pounds to help mothers and babies in disaster-torn Haiti

Capital Kane - Scotland's star designer at London Fashion Week

Scotland's star designer scored another triumph at London Fashion Week yesterday, defying the credit crunch with a bold, bright and edgy collection for 2009. Show me the money, he told Avril Groom

Racism 'rife in fashion industry'

THE world of fashion is at the centre of another furore following claims that discrimination against black models is rife among magazine editors and fashion-show casting directors.

Cutting edge

Scott Ramsay Kyle

The bespoke tartan army

THE final run-up to London Fashion Week can be a hectic one for designers, who typically spend every waking hour in the studio finishing pieces, arranging castings and fittings with models, and generally panicking that they're not going to get it all done on time.

40% of models may have an eating disorder - but size-zero ban ruled out

AN INQUIRY examining the health of models has fallen short of pushing for a ban on size-zero on the catwalk.

Top Scots designer in race to recreate fashion week collection after thieves hit his studio

SCOTTISH fashion star Christopher Kane has had his new designs for London Fashion Week stolen just days before they were due to be unveiled.

'Ban under-16s from the catwalk'

KATE Moss and Lily Cole may have made their first appearance on the catwalk at the age of 14, but future supermodels may have to wait until they turn 16 to hit the fashion circuit.

Young Scots designers stitch up London Fashion Week

A NEW wave of Scottish designers is strengthening London's status as the world's fashion cap-ital, leading style experts have declared.

The House of Winser

I'M standing with Kim Winser in the Aquascutum designers' studio in London's Shoreditch, and with less than 48 hours until the Aquascutum show at London Fashion Week, things are more than a little hectic.

Scot Kane's gladiators slay fashion week

FOR 20 minutes yesterday afternoon, London belonged to a 24-year-old Glaswegian.

For the women of Ethiopia, there is heroine chic

FASHION week - skeletal clothes horses with haunted looks and gazelle-like legs effortlessly gliding. The image is familiar. Leggy women with impeccable posture, cheek bones sharper than Gordon Ramsay's tongue, radiating elegant poise. Where had I seen it recently?

Crazy in love with style

LONDON Fashion Week came to its conclusion yesterday in one final ordeal of runway shows, starting with a sedate little presentation at breakfast-time in the name of the late Jean Muir, and ending with an orgy of high-octane glamour, courtesy of that attention-grabbing red-carpet-friendly designer Julien Macdonald.

Designer Macdonald has the fur flying for fashion week

CONTROVERSIAL designer Julien Macdonald produced a festival of fur at the start of London Fashion Week, with mink, and chinchilla jackets and coats with wide waistbands of flashing sequins or crystal fringes.

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