Liza Minnelli & David Gest

Liza Minnelli & David Gest

Music: Liza Minnelli - Cabaret trouper

DUST OFF YOUR BOWLER HAT. Spit-shine those sequins. Lubricate your larynx. Liza's back in town!

Liza advert becomes a hot potato

A SCOTTISH potato grower has provoked a clash with the screen legend Liza Minnelli after it used a cheeky image of the Hollywood actress to promote a new variety of tuber, it was reported yesterday.

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Star in hospital after falling out of bed

TROUBLED actress Liza Minnelli is in hospital after falling out of bed at her home.

Minnelli blasts guard and ex

TROUBLED entertainer Liza Minnelli says her former bodyguard, who claims she forced him to have sex with her to keep his job, and her estranged husband David Gest have joined forces to attack and embarrass her publicly.

Former driver seeks £54m from Liza Minnelli for alleged abuse

THE role of a sexually liberated nightclub singer won Liza Minnelli an Oscar for best actress in the 1972 film Cabaret.

Star sues ex-bodyguard

LIZA MINNELLI has filed a $250,000 (£135,000) counterclaim against a former driver and bodyguard in response to his allegations that she frequently beat him.

Minnelli claims ex-husband stole from her

LIZA Minnelli, whose short-lived marriage to David Gest ended in allegations of violence, is now suing him for at least £1.2 million, claiming he stole from her.

Liza resisted 'cruel and inhuman' Gest, friends say

FRIENDS of Liza Minnelli have waded into the bitter dispute with her estranged husband, David Gest, saying the producer controlled every aspect of the Oscar-winning actress’s life and clashed with her when she tried to regain control.

Life is no cabaret with Minnelli

THEIR wedding was a showbiz spectacular with an A-list of stars turning up to wish the couple well.

Minnelli files for divorce

ACTRESS Liza Minnelli, accused in a £6.5 million writ of battering estranged husband David Gest, has filed for divorce.

Showbiz spectacular

THOSE who thought Liza Minnelli’s wedding to the film producer David Gest a tad over the top might want to brace themselves for an even greater eye-popper: the spectacular divorce. Gest is suing Minnelli for nearly £7 million, claiming his wife beat him so badly in drunken rages that he has suffered permanent neurological damage. Married life, it seems, has been no cabaret.

Liza! With Love

Liza! With Love

How to look like Liza Minnelli

Despite being 57, the key note of Liza’s look is "little girl lost". So, for wide-eyed vulnerability find the largest pair of false eyelashes you can and place them way above your natural lid line. Lather generously with mascara and add a cropped elfin wig to match.

Marriage's demise


No surprise in Minnelli's marriage of inconvenience

‘I’m only scared of the normal things in life that everyone else is frightened of too," said a friend of mine during a debate about phobias. "You know ... the dark. Spiders. David Gest."

Fourth time unlucky for Minnelli

WITH Elizabeth Taylor as a wedding guest, perhaps she should have known the omens were not good.

Liza and husband separate

SINGER Liza Minnelli and David Gest, who were married last year in a star-studded ceremony, have separated, Minnelli’s spokesman said today.

Bracketed with an unwelcome Gest

Ruby Wax With- Liza Minelli (and husband), BBC1

Minnelli overdose rumours denied

LIZA Minnelli has re-entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic amid rumours of a possible overdose.

Attack on Liza's 'difficult' husband

LIZA Minnelli might be eccentric but her husband, David Gest, is a controlling, demanding man with an unhealthy obsession for hygiene, according to a United States television company.

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