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David Henderson, 45, pub owner, Bruntsfield: "I love Roy Walker's, below, style of comedy. It's not like all the crude, overly sophisticated stuff you usually see here at the Fringe. I liked his impersonations of Frank Carson and Bernard Manning, he should have done more of that stuff. Got to say the Catchphrase bit at the end was worth waiting for, I've always wanted to get on the show. I'm thinking of asking my pals to come along on the weekend."

Gillian Jones, 29, IT consultant, Sighthill: "The Other Other Hand at the Music Box, Stevenson College, defied my expectations. It would be easy to think that it would be an arty Festival Show, but in fact it was incredibly enjoyable and funny. Even if you don't know a lot about music, it doesn't matter because you are taught it but within the context of the show. I would go and see it again."

Maria Greenshield, 46, artist, New Town: "Answers at C Soco was tightly plotted, well written and I thought the storyline was very clever. The thing that stood out for me most was the acting. They're not professional actors, although you wouldn't have been able to tell, their performances were of a really high standard. One guy in particular, who I think is actually a medical student, was exceptional."

John Rebwelter, 50, university lecturer, Haddington: "We've been to see The Chinese State Circus at the Meadows and Surviving Spike at the Assembly Rooms. I enjoyed Surviving Spike. It was actually very interesting as I was only really aware of Milligan's early days from his books so I didn't know that much about him in the post war years. Before I make it sound too dry I should add that it is also a very funny show. The Chinese State Circus, above, was excellent. Full of spectacle and colour."

Rhett Leiberman, 37, doctor, Grassmarket: "I went along to see the Caesar Twins the other night. I've got to say I was disappointed. I was expecting something exceptional but I thought it was average physical theatre and they were no more than average gymnasts. I know that I couldn't even attempt what they do but over the years there's been quite a bit of this type of circus-style act in the Fringe and I've seen much more entertaining performers."

John Cairns, 66, taxi driver, Southside: "I watched La Clique at The Speigel Garden. I saw them about four years ago and they were just as good this time round. It's absolutely fantastic the things they can do with their bodies. You just sit there hypnotised by the sheer skill of the performers. The acrobats, the contortionists, everyone involved just made it a really spectacular piece of entertainment. Obviously with my job I don't get to see much in the festival but I'm glad I chose to see this show again and I've been recommending it to all my passengers."

Ian Gill, 46, civil servant, Newington: "When the Fringe is on I catch as much comedy as I can. So far I've seen Justin Moorhouse at The Pleasance and he was on good form. Rob Deering at Underbelly's Baby Belly was particularly strong this year, and Ed Byrne was really good. It's mainly the comedy we go for but there's a whole list of comics we still want to see."

Bruce Flanagan, 44, technician, Stockbridge: "I saw the Circus Oz at the Assembly @ Assembly Hall with my daughters. We thought it was excellent. It was funny maybe even a little bit sexy at times. I really liked the mixture of elements in it. They had a good balance between comedy, stunts and art. It's maybe not going to appeal to everyone but I'm pretty sure most people could find something to enjoy in it. I've also been to see Reginald D Hunter at The Pleasance. I liked the show but I'd seen him before and that time he was more in your face, which I really enjoyed."

Annie McIntyre, 58, retired, Winch-burgh: "We saw Andrew Clover's Crazy Kids Show at The Pleasance. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and so did we. He was helping children tell a story using funny voices, and comedy. Having been a teacher it was fascinating to see their reactions and watch them get totally engrossed in the whole thing. Some shows for children can seem like they've been thrown together because the performers believe kids will watch anything, but I thought this was very well considered."