World Press Photo Exhibition launches at Holyrood

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THE WORLD Press Photo Exhibition, showcasing over 100,000 photographs taken by nearly 6,000 photographers, has been launched at the Scottish Parliament.

Swedish photographer Paul Hansen won the World Press Photo of the year award for his image entitled ‘Gaza Burial’.

In the photograph, a group of men are seen carrying the bodies of two dead children through a street in the Gaza Strip to a mosque for a burial ceremony.

Their father’s body can be seen in the background on a stretcher.

Three-year-old Muhammad Hijazi and his two-year-old sister Suhaib lost their lives when an Israeli missile strike destoryed their house in Gaza City.

Jury member Mayu Mohanna, of Peru, said that it was a picture she would ‘not forget,’ adding: “The strength of the picture lies in the way it contrasts the anger and sorrow of the adults with the innocence of the children.”

The exhibition is open from 10am to 8pm, until Sunday 25th August.

• Visitors, especially children, may find some images in the exhibition distressing.




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