Welcome to my world: Julie Wilson Nimmo

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JULIE WILSON NIMMO made her name playing Miss Hoolie for three years in Balamory, then went on to play Miss Toner in the stage version of John Byrne's Tutti Frutti.

Married to Still Game actor Greg Hemphill, the couple have two sons, eight-year-old Benny and four-year-old Chevy, and live in Glasgow. Having just finished touring in the National Theatre of Scotland's The House of Bernard Alba, the RSAMD-trained actor will play Mary in The Corstorphine Road Nativity at Edinburgh Festival Theatre next month.

Describe your perfect weekend It would be anything to do with Benny and Chevy and my big boy Greg, waking up to a cooked breakfast, then going for a nice walk with the dog. Then, with the boys being babysat by my mum, going to Crabshakk on Argyle Street in Glasgow with Greg and our pals for grilled langoustine, chips, garlic mayonnaise and a bottle of wine.

What would you do if you ruled the world? Without sounding like Miss World, anything to do with ending poverty. So many people have so much and so many have nothing, and the older you get the more you want to do something about that, to spread the love a little.

What one thing would improve your life? Being on time a bit more. It drives Greg mad.

Who did you last receive a text from and what did it say? My sister Jo, who is visiting New York, to tell me she's going to Radio City and the Brooklyn Bridge – just rubbing it in. She has never been before.

What's your guiltiest pleasure? America's Next Top Model. When I'm being really naughty I have dip and crisps with that too.

When did you last feel sorry for yourself? About two weeks ago, in Dundee (no offence, the play was great), sitting in a Travelodge (no offence) eating chips.

What do you wish you had never done? I wish I'd never gone out with a pal of mine. Sadly he's not a friend any more.

Would your mother be proud of you? I think she is. My sister told me she's always bragging to the neighbours.

Who would you like to say sorry to? Nana Jean, who's dead now, for blaming her for breaking a window when she was putting the milk bottles out when it was me with my roller boots. She didn't let on, though.

Who does the cleaning in your house? Me, mostly, and I've got a cleaner, my friend Carolyn, but when she comes in we just talk. I also tidy up before she gets here, which she asks me to stop doing.

On what purchase have you spent most, apart from a car or property? On a Missoni coat, from Selfridge's in London. We'd just won a children's Bafta and I went a bit mad. To be fair, I get it out every winter and everyone asks where I got it – and that's six years ago, so it was worth it.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? After I had Benny I went back to filming Balamory, and was doing a scene on a trampoline and nearly weed myself. Miles Jupp (Archie) was in it too and told everyone, because he thought it was hilarious.

What is your earliest memory? Being on the beach at Blackpool with my family, aged about three years old.

What song is the theme tune to your life? Groove is in the Heart by Deee-lite. Because I've always loved it and it cheers me up.

Who would play you in the movie of your life? Catherine Keener, who is in Where the Wild Things Are. Greg thinks I'm like her.

When were you last naked in front of another person? This morning, in front of all my boys, because we all had baths.

When did you lose your virginity? He knows and I know.

Should you vote? If yes, how did you vote? Yes, you should but I'm not telling you how I voted – that's private.

What worries you in the wee small hours? Missing my boys and worrying about work.

Who was your favourite teacher and why? Miss White, my English teacher, who got me into drama. We're still in touch.

Who is your fantasy date? Steve Coogan, but only as Alan Partridge. He makes me laugh more than anything.

What would you do if you were invisible? Follow Brad Pitt around for a day. But not into his bedroom.

What is your most treasured possession? My camera and photo album. I couldn't live without them. I got a beautiful camera from Greg for my birthday last year, and our house is overrun with photo albums.

What do you remember better, your first car or first kiss? My first car. It was a red mini called Dolly that I paid cash upfront for, and when I drove it away from the garage the exhaust fell right off.

If you didn't have your current career, what would you do? I would have been a ballerina but my hamstrings weren't right and it broke my heart. Sometimes I take lessons at Scottish Ballet because I love it.

What do you think of celebrity? I think it's very scary. Coming from where I came from, it was never about celebrity. And if you want to survive in this business, it's so not about that. It has to be about your love and passion for it, hard work and being skint.

How old are you? 37.

What has been your greatest achievement? My two beautiful boys. And my big boy too. I thought falling in love would never happen to me, and then I met my big Canadian.

• This article first appeared in the 29 November edition of Scotland on Sunday

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