These are a few of my favourite things: Darragh Morgan, violinist

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I don't really have one favourite book but I love all the Rough Guides. "The Rough Guide to Anywhere" I guess, then, is my favourite book. I travel a lot as a musician and I make a real point of trying not to be a tourist but an explorer instead. Everywhere I go, I aim to get a little local hotel away from the concert hall, so that it doesn't just become a mindless treadmill of airports, concert halls and bland hotel rooms, and the Rough Guides are the perfect thing for someone who wants to explore a bit. I got back from Korea and Hong Kong yesterday, I'm off to Aberdeen to work now, before heading to South Africa next month, so I'm using them every week. I've actually just bought the Rough Guide to South Africa because we're going on safari as well as for work.



We're addicted to The Sopranos in this house. We watch it all the time – very artistic, I know. I like the music to the series and I love Tony; I'd never consider myself a Tony kind of guy but he's still a bit of hero. Once I was working in New York, doing a concert, and I happened to walk past a street in the Lower East Side where they were filming The Sopranos. It had a knock-on effect on my performance that night – I thought, maybe they could put a classical violinist in The Sopranos some day. It made me play better that night!



I used to live in Hong Kong so the landscape of the skyline is something I could look at for ever. It's the image that has become famous in the West as being totally representative of the city. There's a zillion skyscrapers together; it's got the Bank of China and the Lippo Centre and the International Commerce Centre. If I had to look at one thing for the rest of my life it would be that; it's a pretty incredible sight.

&#149 Darragh Morgan performs in a night of "electro-acoustic music and sound art" at the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, tonight at 6pm, and with his group the Smith Quartet at the Woodend Barn Arts Centre, Burn O'Bennie, Banchory, tomorrow at 3pm, as part of the Sound music festival. See