Theatre review: Destination GB

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AS WE file into the venue, four-fifths of the cast is already crowded on to the tiny stage, peeping out at us from behind a motley assortment of plastic foliage as we take our seats. As the lights come up we discover a disparate band of UK border guards, on duty at Dover docks and on the lookout for illegal immigrants.

For a while the whole audience is under arrest and under suspicion, but it doesn't take long to realise this is a hapless bunch, and in their efforts to meet their quota of collars they decide instead to try to get inside the minds of would-be asylum seekers.

There follows a haphazard but energetic series of comedic vignettes, in which the lure of destination GB to those less fortunate in their country of origin is examined from a variety of slightly off-kilter perspectives. It's not always on the money, but overall there is enough humour and subtlety to carry the day.

The young troupe, the Lost Banditos, do themselves enormous credit, both in terms of their nicely judged delivery and playful use of the cramped performance space. For sheer perspiration alone, they almost deserve another star.

Until 31 August. Tomorrow 2:05pm.