Theatre: No Exit

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THE most popularly quoted line from No Exit, "Hell is other people", could have been written for the Fringe, with its perpetual physical mle and lack of opportunities for self-reflection.

But as this BUST company production shows, Jean Paul Sartre's play actually hinges on a far more nauseating prospect for many at the festival: the inner self failing to find expression and the real world carrying on regardless.

When three damned souls are led to their room by a chipper valet (Helene Marino), they find no windows, mirrors or instruments of torture, only each other and the scene of a conventionally flaming Hell in the corner, mocking them for their navety.

Garcin (John Morgan), is a coward masquerading as a pacifist, summoned for the indignity he heaped upon his wife; Inez (an excellent Yvonne Paulley) a sadistic, self-proclaimed "damned bitch" who turned her lesbian lover against her husband; Estelle (Lisa Wu) a beautiful socialite who murdered her illegitimate child – she immediately becomes the repository for the others' unsustainable fantasies.

They come to appreciate that the true persecution of eternity will be in failing to receive the self-affirmation they crave.

Until today, 5:10pm

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