Gadget review: Nutz Bang speakers

Nutz Bang Bluetooth speakers. Picture: Contributed

Nutz Bang Bluetooth speakers. Picture: Contributed


SCOTSMAN GAMES: THE name of these Bluetooth speakers from audio newcomers, Nutz, has been well chosen.

Gadget Review - Nutz Bang


Despite their compact size, they provide an authoritative stereo sound suitable for all types of music, with an emphasis on the low range meaning that they perform well in larger rooms as well as kitchens and bedrooms.

Although the claim that each speaker is “pocket size” is stretching it a little (unless you happen to be a circus clown-cum-audiophile) they are compact and unobtrusive. Equally, while they do not feel heavy, they are sturdy enough to be positioned on a shelf without fear of them teetering over the edge.

Available in five eye-catching colours in keeping with the Pro range of headphones recently released by the same firm, they are styled for a younger audience and may not blend in easily on bookshelves and mantelpieces. However, these are speakers that demand to be noticed, and well they should.

Streaming a selection of rock and classical music, there was no distortion at full volume, unlike many other speakers of a similar price range. The Bang was also responsive to the controls of an HTC One and an iPad, while each speaker also features icons allowing you to skip forward and back, pause, play and adjust the volume.

Once paired, the connection did not drop once, with an excellent and reliable range allowing up to five media devices to be hooked up the speakers. After a full charge, both speakers delivered more than seven hours of playtime, a little short of the claim of eight hours, but an impressive duration nonetheless.

The charging options are the main downside of the Bang, with a pre-supplied USB cable the only option, meaning that some forethought is required if you wish to go truly portable and take the speakers away. However, for a budget Bluetooth option around the home, it is a fine addition.




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