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Personal Finance

Martin Lewis: Truth to tell, we should all switch sometimes

The clocks have gone back, the temperature is plummeting and leaves are losing their green. Which, to channel Game of Thrones, can only mean one thing – WINTER IS COMING. And that means energy bills will be bursting.


What the interest rates rise means for you

The rise in interest rates is a new experience for the estimated 2.6 million home-owners who have only ever seen static or falling rates after getting on the property ladder in the past decade.

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The cost of finance for homebuyers cannot remain at such historically low levels for 
much longer. Picture: PA

Interest rumours tempt borrowers to take fixed-rate plunge

It’s crunch time for borrowers considering taking out a new fixed-rate mortgage deal.

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Boiler repairs can be very expensive

James Walker: Check nuts and bolts of home heating cover

Hard as it is to say goodbye to the summer, I’ve had to admit to myself it’s a bit nippy. I do try to stick to my own advice and pop a jumper on rather that the heating, but the Walker household has rebelled.

A good property in the EH1 postcode area can earn in the region of 3,350 per month.

Hassle-free Airbnb hosting – are you doing it right?

Want to join the Airbnb boom? Or already enjoying the extra cash, but hate the hassle? Here’s how to make money, without lifting a finger

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Now is the time to snuggle up and do your homework: every Big Six provider has a cheaper deal than its standard tariff  so if you wont switch as youre loyal to your existing firm, at least ensure youre on its cheapest tariff

Martin Lewis: Now’s the time to sort out your energy bills

Winter is coming. British Gas have hiked prices by an average 7 per cent for those on its standard tariff. So before the dark nights roll in and you dust off your long johns, it’s time to snuggle up and sort out your energy bills.

Britain is in the grip of an indentity fraud epidemic so try to make sure you dont let scam artists get their hands on your hard-won savings. Picture: Getty

Our digital lives help criminals get rich

​Working for Which?, it’s my job to cut through the hyperbole of the news to give people the facts. It’s rare to write a headline soaked in apocalyptic language, save, perhaps, during the financial crisis when it really did look like the world on the verge of collapse. But last month, when we published “500 identities stolen a day in fraud epidemic”, I was, sadly, reporting the truth.

Niall Kennedy is portfolio director at Cazenove Capital in Edinburgh.

Niall Kennedy: Five myths about ethical investing

Sustainable investment is shrouded in misconception, says Niall Kennedy.

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Christmas can be a stressful time for many people, but forward planning can help relieve the pressure, as can firm decisions about who you are going to buy gifts for, plus giving yourself a clear budget

Martin Lewis: Jingle tills, jingle tills, money all the way

Ho, ho, oh no. C******** is coming. Sorry for raising the spectre of the C-word this early. I growl at jingle bells in October as much as the next Scrooge. Yet this isn’t about early celebration, it’s about preparation. There’s things you should do NOW to reduce financial and other stresses for the big day.

Socialite Paris Hilton is just one among a number of celebrities to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, but investors should be wary. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: Virtual money is actually risky

What do Floyd Mayweather, Paris Hilton and Burger King all have in common, and what on earth do they have to do with your finances?

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Chance to collect superdraw top prize

Scots in with the chance to pick up a life-changing £116m jackpot

Tonight’s Euromillions Superdraw has an eye-watering prize – here’s everything you need to know.

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A 2014 court case has become a game-changer for PPI claims  if you were not told about the commission paid on the policy, it was mis-sold and you may be due a refund

Martin Lewis: New rule on PPI may mean you’re due compensation

Have you been Plevined? Almost certainly you’ve no idea. Recently the financial regulator, the FCA, launched a two year Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) reclaiming deadline, even getting Arnie to star in its ads. But I’ve been at the forefront of PPI reclaiming for a decade, so now I’m “back” saying everyone should be asking themselves about this hidden new Plevin PPI rule.

If you want to own your dream home, nowadays youre going to need a mate, or better yet, a permanent partner to share the financial burden of home ownership. Picture: Robert Perry

Gareth Shaw: Significant others sought to share mortgage

Last week I saw a headline in one the national papers that made me chuckle and had something serious to say about the financial environment my generation find themselves in – the mark of a good news story. It was declaring the rise of the “Bank of BAE” – younger people relying on having a partner to get on the property ladder (BAE, if you didn’t know, meaning “before anyone else”, or your significant other).

Dont be fooled into handing over your money to smooth-talking fraudsters offering the chance of big returns for your investment. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: We’re in a perfect scamming storm

At Which? HQ, I sit opposite our money helpline – a crack team of financial experts who field thousands of queries about money issues our members are facing. This gives us incredible insight into the experiences people have with providers of financial products and services – and helps Which?, as a consumer champion, get to the heart of the rip-offs that exist in this market.

Money in your piggybank or under the mattress is earning no interest, so inflations eating it up even faster. Putting it in a savings account at least earns your some interest and also protects your hard-earned dosh

Martin Lewis: It pays to ensure every penny is earning the max

Savings rates are on the up. Yet it’s not time to whoop and holler just yet. While we’ve got the best easy access rates we’ve seen for over a year, they’re still paltry, pitiful, spitworthily low and literally uninteresting. Yet they’re a lot better than most people have right now. So it pays to spend five minutes to ensure every penny you’ve got is earning the maximum.

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The power of marketing and advertising gimmicks means most people will know what businesses these characters represent, and what their websites offer

Gareth Shaw: Price comparison sites empower people

Breakdancing 1980s cartoon villains, moustachioed opera singers and eastern European meerkats. No, this is not the start of an awful ‘three men walk into a bar’ joke but the twirling, warbling world of price comparison sites and their ubiquitous mascots that dominate our airwaves.

A fifth of Scots have no savings, a bank survey has found

A fifth of Scots have no savings, study finds

One in five Scots has no savings, according to a new survey by the Bank of Scotland.

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The upcoming ban on card surcharges comes from EU legislation

Charges on paying by debit or credit card to be scrapped in 2018

Charges levied by companies on customers paying by debit or credit cards will be scrapped next year, the UK government will announce today.

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Have car keys will travel  but beware of some bumps on the road that seem designed to catch out the unwary holidamaker

Martin Lewis: Steer clear of holiday car hire pitfalls

Every summer millions of Brits sit behind the wheel in far-flung destinations across the world. Yet there are many financial bumps in the road if you do so, but I hope these seven tips will navigate you through it.

Most of those who are delaying retirement do so because they enjoy working  though some say they could not afford to give up. Picture: Getty Images/Wavebreak Media

More pensioners enjoying new ‘pretirement’ phenomenon

It was once a time when people left work with a fanfare and possibly a gold watch, then settled down with a pipe and slippers to live out the rest of their days in peace and quiet.

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