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Personal Finance

Inflation: how to cope with the big squeeze

Household budgets will be squeezed over the coming months as the weak pound drives up the cost of imports and energy bills begin to rise again.

Personal Finance
Bank of Scotland is among the banks that do not use two-factor logins, Which? found.

Major high street banks failing customers with online security

Major high street banks have failed to adopt two-factor security steps that could safeguard customers from scams, an investigation has revealed – with Bank of Scotland one of the worst offenders.

Would-be buyers browsing in Edinburgh face the problem that average house prices are 7.6 times average earnings. Picture: Jane Barlow

Harder than ever to get a foothold on the ladder

Jeff Salway: Even relatively affluent buyers are being priced out

The average Scot has three weeks' wages in savings, well below the three months' worth recommended by financial experts. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Scots lagging behind rest of UK in savings stakes

People in Scotland are among the worst in the UK when it comes to squirrelling away money for a rainy day, according to a new survey.

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The falling pound helped drive the FTSE 100 close to a record high on the day the pound fell to its lowest level against the US dollar since 1985. Picture: Niklas Halle/AFP/Getty Images

Cash savers take a ‘hard Brexit’ pounding

There will be winners and losers as sterling tumbles, says Jeff Salway

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Bank of Scotland said the new polymer notes were cleaner, greener and stronger than paper ones. Picture: Lloyds Banking Group/PA Wire

Bank of Scotland launches ‘cleaner, greener’ plastic fivers

A new, more durable £5 note is entering circulation across Scotland today.

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It can be difficult to shop around for the best deals without internet access

Internet access is key to tackling poverty

Digital exclusion and deprivation go hand in hand, says Jeff Salway

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Andrew Tyrie said: 'We can't carry on like this.' Picture: Contributed

Bank IT systems leaving customers ‘exposed’, MP warns

Bank customers are still being left “exposed” after a series of IT failures at Britain’s biggest lenders, a senior MP has warned.

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You have no legal right to get your money back from your bank if youve been tricked into transferring money to a fraudster. Picture: Getty

Banks feel heat over fraud protection

Customers are paying price for big-money scams, says Jeff Salway

Kirkwall, Orkney, where islanders are experiencing the largest rise in disposable income in Scotland. PIC

Orkney enjoys highest rise in disposable income in Scotland

Residents in Orkney have enjoyed a greater increase in disposable income than anywhere else in Scotland.

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The FCA said CFO Lending has addressed its 'previous mistakes'. Picture: Contributed

Payday lender to stump up £34m of customer redress

Payday lender CFO Lending is to pay out more than £34 million of redress to more than 97,000 customers for unfair practices.

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The cost of laying a loved one to rest is increasing. Picture: Getty

Jeff Salway: Buried in debt by the bill for a funeral

The price for saying goodbye is rising, says Jeff Salway

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Richard Woolnough, manager of the UK's largest bond fund, the M&G Optimal Income. Picture: Contributed

Bill Jamieson: Even nearer to the crunch point for pensions

Of growing concern in recent weeks has been the further upward twist in pension fund deficits. Last week accountants PwC unveiled figures showing that defined benefit scheme deficits had now shot to £710 billion, up by £100bn in August alone.

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Your savings could take a real hammering if they are subjected to the early withdrawal charges associated with the new Lifetime Isa, which launches next April. Picture: contributed

Jeff Salway: Make sure you’ve got a Lisa exit strategy

THE new lifetime Isa comes with strings attached, says Jeff Salway

Respondents in Scotland were also more likely to believe that Brexit would have a detrimental impact on their ability to prepare adequately for retirement. Picture: PA

Jeff Salway: Scots worried about long-term finances after Brexit

PEOPLE in Scotland have been left feeling more downbeat about their long-term finances in the wake of the vote to leave the EU.

People aged in their 40s often find themselves juggling several big financial outgoings. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Number of forty-somethings saving enough for old age in decline

The number of 40-somethings who are saving enough for their old age has shown a “worrying” decline over the past year, a report has found.

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Fee structures for financial advice are complicated

Jeff Salway: Let’s see if cost is main obstacle to advice

The American writer Dorothea Brande once said: “The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution.”

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Using a funeral director can be optional. Picture: Flickr

Hilary Peppiette: How to die without leaving financial chaos behind you

DEATH can be expensive. There are many myths surrounding what must be done, as opposed to what social convention, or the funeral industry, dictates.

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The spotlight has returned to defined benefit scheme funding in recent months following the crises at BHS and Tata Steel. Picture: TSPL

Jeff Salway: Shareholders set to count pensions cost

DIVIDENDS could be halted hitting small investors hardest, says Jeff Salway

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Passive investments allow you to take part in the equity ride but without all the slog. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: Injecting activism into passive investments

For many investors the prospect of hours of work researching which shares, bonds and funds to select – and with a bewildering range from which to choose – can be a turn-off.

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