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Personal Finance

Martin Lewis: Get creative and you will be coining it in

Summer’s coming, and sadly shorts often have smaller pockets than trousers. The warm weather means most people go out more, socialise more and spend more. So now we’ve finally thrown off our hats and scarves and are preparing for the sun, I wanted to share five tips for bolstering your bank account in time for the (hopefully) hot weather.

More than 17,000 people have contacted Resolver about broadband in the past couple of years.

James Walker: Make sure you get the broadband you paid for

We’ve got so used to broadband, mobile phones and new technology that the world of landlines and dial-up connections seems far away.

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There may be less need to raid your piggy bank if you get the full state pension  but to do that youll need to have made 35 years worth of National Insurance contributions. Picture: PA

Gareth Shaw: Mind the gap for your state pension

It makes front page news every few weeks, has politicians falling over themselves committing to it and thousands of people campaigning outside of Westminster about it – yet it’s an investment that takes 35 years to mature and pays out just a few hundred pounds a month.

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The pension commencement lump sum could help you fund the retirement of your dreams, but taking up this option does have implications for your future finances. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: Will you like it if you lump it?

It’s always been seen as a retirement bonus – a pot of gold at the end of a four-decade career. The opportunity to have tens of thousands of pounds in your pocket on the day you kick off your work shoes. And the best thing about it? You don’t have to pay a single penny of tax.

The beach is beckoning, but holidaymakers will want to make sure they are getting the best possible deal for their foreign currency before they fly out to sunnier shores

Martin Lewis: How to get your currency beach-ready

Have you got a case of the holi-wobbles? The pound is still in the doldrums and many holidaymakers are too. Yet two minutes now can let you relax when you’re abroad, knowing you’re getting the maximum bucks (or euros) for your bang.

NatWest said the most common scams saw customers pay for goods or services that are never delivered. Picture: Matt Crossick/PA Wire

Nearly 7,000 NatWest customers fall victim to scams

Royal Bank of Scotland-owned NatWest has revealed that nearly 7,000 customers have become the victims of fraudsters since the start of 2016.

You'll buy more than you need to if you shop when youre hungry

James Walker: Finance tips that don’t just look good on paper

Spring is finally here and we’re even seeing a bit of sun!

Personal Finance
The Personal Savings Allowance has made the decision to invest in an ISA less straightforward. Picture: Getty/Wavebreak Media

Returns still poor for ISA savers despite bumper allowance

The new tax year, which started on 6 April, has brought with it a bumper ISA allowance.

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Brexit has cast uncertainty over funeral planning. Pic: JP

Brexit places uncertainty over funeral planning

British funeral planner Avalon has begun tapping the market for expatriate Germans and Italians amid fears of falling revenues from Brexit-hit Brits.

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EDF has announced an increase in prices.

1.5 million customers to be affected by EDF energy increase

Energy giant EDF is to increase its dual fuel tariff by 7.2% from June, gas prices by 5.5% and electricity by 9%, affecting 1.5 million customers.

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Analysis of the cheapest broadband deals from the five largest suppliers by Citizens Advice found bills soared by more than 40% on average at the end of the fixed contract period. Picture; PA

Watchdog warns of end of year broadband price hike

Broadband customers are paying a penalty for their ­loyalty, with providers increasing bills by more than £100 a year when initial deals end, a charity has warned.

Children should be encouraged to save some of their pocket money. Picture: iStockphoto/Getty

Prudent adults learn lessons of the piggy bank from parents

Money skills are a vital part of everyday life – and new research underlines why it pays to start learning from an early age.

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Souped-up cars, like this vintage Hot Rod, pay a premium

James Walker: ‘Go faster’ stripes can slow down a car claim

Our love affair with cars is stronger now than it’s ever been. But what we drive (or want to drive) can represent a big expense.

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Sigourney Weaver face-to-face with a creature in Alien 3, a sequel which descended into naffness, as so often happens in movies and may in financial products too

Gareth Shaw: New version Isas may not match original

Scrolling through the myriad films on Netflix the other day, I decided to revisit Alien, Ridley Scott’s seminal space terror masterpiece. I’d forgotten just how beautifully crafted a film it was – the sumptuous visuals, the slow-burning tension, the horror of the infamous chest-bursting scene, dripping with the originality that’s made it a timeless classic.

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The main energy providers have all made huge price hike announcements, so comparing what you  pay  is  more important than ever
Picture: PA

Martin Lewis: Don’t pay the price of the big six rip-off

If you’re one of the 60 per cent of people on a standard tariff, including the big six energy firms, you’re being ripped off. And that rip-off is getting bigger. After huge price hike announcements, many are burning £350 per year, yet it takes just five minutes for you to stop it.

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In his Budget last week, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that the new dividend allowance is to be cut to �2,000, starting in April 2018. Picture: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Gareth Shaw: Dividend tax hacks to outwit Hammond

It’s not often that you jump for joy when taxes rise. But long-term shareholders had cause to celebrate back in March 2015, when then-Chancellor George Osborne announced an overhaul of the dividend income tax regime, replacing one of the most unnecessarily complicated and arcane ways of raising revenue with something much simpler, if potentially a little less generous.

Lesley Titcomb. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

The Big Interview: Lesley Titcomb, chief executive of The Pensions Regulator

A favoured technique of pension scams is cold-calling, claiming to be from a government-backed body and offering to review the potential victim’s financial arrangements for retirement.

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Just having had PPI means most were mis-sold. Banks have alredy paid back �20 billion and that figure could rise to �30bn

Martin Lewis: Don’t miss out on reclaiming mis-sold PPI

The UK’s biggest ever financial scam wasn’t done by dodgy blokes in back alleys but by bankers in pinstripe. Yet now the regulator, the FCA, has given in to banks demands to protect their balance sheets and put a deadline on reclaiming PPI.

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Parents are helping their children get on the property ladder. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

‘Bank of mum and dad’ pay out a third more to children

Parents lent almost a third more money to their children in 2016 compared with the previous year, according to a survey.

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Now that there is no necessity to buy an annuity on retiral is a bit like moving to The Wonderful World of Oz  from a very dull Kansas, opening up the realm of income drawdown and freedom to choose what to do with your pension pot.

Gareth Shaw: Follow the yellow brick road to pension freedom

The start of the Wizard of Oz sees Dorothy living a mundane existence, shackled to her sepia-bathed Kansas farm with her fusty aunt and uncle and bemoaning the lack of adventure in her life. It’s only when a tornado strikes that Dorothy and her loyal sidekick, Toto, are thrust into glorious technicolour and given the freedom to roam in a new land, with all the thrills and spills that come with that liberation.

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