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Gareth Shaw: Dividend tax hacks to outwit Hammond

It’s not often that you jump for joy when taxes rise. But long-term shareholders had cause to celebrate back in March 2015, when then-Chancellor George Osborne announced an overhaul of the dividend income tax regime, replacing one of the most unnecessarily complicated and arcane ways of raising revenue with something much simpler, if potentially a little less generous.

Lesley Titcomb. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

The Big Interview: Lesley Titcomb, chief executive of The Pensions Regulator

A favoured technique of pension scams is cold-calling, claiming to be from a government-backed body and offering to review the potential victim’s financial arrangements for retirement.

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Just having had PPI means most were mis-sold. Banks have alredy paid back �20 billion and that figure could rise to �30bn

Martin Lewis: Don’t miss out on reclaiming mis-sold PPI

The UK’s biggest ever financial scam wasn’t done by dodgy blokes in back alleys but by bankers in pinstripe. Yet now the regulator, the FCA, has given in to banks demands to protect their balance sheets and put a deadline on reclaiming PPI.

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Parents are helping their children get on the property ladder. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

‘Bank of mum and dad’ pay out a third more to children

Parents lent almost a third more money to their children in 2016 compared with the previous year, according to a survey.

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Now that there is no necessity to buy an annuity on retiral is a bit like moving to The Wonderful World of Oz  from a very dull Kansas, opening up the realm of income drawdown and freedom to choose what to do with your pension pot.

Gareth Shaw: Follow the yellow brick road to pension freedom

The start of the Wizard of Oz sees Dorothy living a mundane existence, shackled to her sepia-bathed Kansas farm with her fusty aunt and uncle and bemoaning the lack of adventure in her life. It’s only when a tornado strikes that Dorothy and her loyal sidekick, Toto, are thrust into glorious technicolour and given the freedom to roam in a new land, with all the thrills and spills that come with that liberation.

The formula used to work out compensation claims has changed. Picture: Getty Images

Car insurance set to soar after changes to compensation rules

Car insurance is expected to increase alongside personal injury payouts after changes to the formula used to calculate compensation sums.

Multi Generation Family In Sand Dunes On Winter Beach Smiling

Martin Lewis: It’s worth claiming what you’re entitled to

Parents, pensioners, grandparents and carers may all be missing out on little-known entitlements worth thousands of pounds. This is a clarion call to check now to see what you’re entitled to.

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Record low interest rates have laid waste to conventional savings returns and mean that other methods have to be turned to

Gareth Shaw: Always look on the bright side of life

I know you don’t want to read yet another article about the dire state of the savings market. You don’t want to know that with inflation now creeping up to 1.8 per cent this week, just one in 30 savings accounts can match or beat rising prices. And I’m sure you’ve had enough of managing your money in this bonkers world where you can earn more by leaving your cash sitting in your bank account than you can in a savings account or cash Isa.

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Inequality report: Top 1% of Scots have more than bottom 50%

The gap between rich and poor in Scotland is increasing as the wealthiest continue to prosper at a faster rate, official figures have revealed.

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The only way to find the cheapest rail ticket is to throw all logic out of the window. Picture: John Devlin

6 ways to get cheaper train tickets

There are ways to find a cheaper option when travelling by rail, says Martin Lewis

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Consumer groups have spoken out against 'punitive' overdraft charges.  Picture:  Ian Georgeson

Banks charging fees of £180 on £100 of borrowing

Borrowers needing as little as £100 could be charged up to £156 more by their bank than it would cost at a payday lender, Which? has found.

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Thefts from break-ins can be recovered with insurance. Picture: John Devlin

Investments still a nightmare to insure

FSCS safety net back in line with Europe but risks still lurk, says Neil Gordon-Henderson

Npowers gas and electricity prices are both set to rise. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Npower slammed for hiking energy prices by almost 10%

Npower has come under fire from the government and energy regulator after announcing plans to hike gas and electricity prices by 9.8 per cent – a move that will add £109 to annual dual fuel bills.

Finding the perfect holiday without breaking the bank neednt prove massivelystressful if you follow some simple advice. Picture: Getty

Martin Lewis: Ten tips top ease your holiday headaches

It’s cold, wet, and miserable, so no wonder this is the peak summer holiday booking period. However, with the pound recently at a 32-year low against the dollar, and matching the awful rates of 2013 against the euro, this year it’s likely to be a challenge to get a decent price.

There are 75,000 people living in poverty in Fife, according to local authority figures. Campaigners believe welfare reform could help reduce the number

Fife pushes ahead with universal basic income plan

A former mining village in Fife is to host a meeting of international experts and politicians to discuss a radical alternative to the present welfare system.

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The Financial Conduct Authority says that small private investors are paying a high price for a service that does not result in higher returns. Picture: Getty

That Midas touch can prove elusive

The fund management industry is coming under intense – and justifiable – scrutiny, says Gareth Shaw

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The main weapon to clear credit and store cards is a balance transfer, where you get a new card that repays debts on existing cards at a far lower cost, for a small fee. Picture: Getty

Play your cards right to clear your debts

Take action while the competition in the balance transfers market is white hot, says Martin Lewis

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Overseas shoppers cash in on weak pound over Christmas.   Picture Ian Rutherford

‘Brexit tourists’ pick up bargains on UK high streets

“Brexit tourists” from overseas cashed in on the weakened pound to snap up bargains on UK high streets over the Christmas period.

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LendingCrowd chief Stuart Lunn said the ISA would be one of the first in the peer-to-peer sector. Picture: Contributed

LendingCrowd launches first tax-free savings account

Alternative finance firm LendingCrowd is planning to launch its own ISA within weeks on the back of a record year.

The extended festive break puts people in the mood for house-hunting. Picture: John Devlin

The ideal time to get your house in order for the big move

After New Year many people will be thinking about putting their property on the market.

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