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Composite image made of nine separate images shows cyclist Danny MacAskill performing a 16ft (5m) loop-the-loop in front of the London Eye. Picture: PA

Danny MacAskill does loop-the-loop ‘on’ London Eye Picture gallery

STUNT rider and YouTube sensation Danny MacAskill amazed onlookers tonight with a 16ft (5m) loop-the-loop on his bike in front of the London Eye.

Abstract - Alan Aitken

In pictures: Botanic Garden competition finalists Picture gallery

The finalists of this year’s Friends of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh photography competition have been revealed.

Aberlady bay to Gullane, East Lothian. Picture: Contributed

Walk of the week: Aberlady Bay to Gullane

THE low sun at this time of year is fantastic. The rays catch hillocks, rocks and trees in a way which is missed by the high summer sun, adding to the beauty of autumn.

Picture: Glasgow City Council

Glasgow to monitor cycle traffic through new app

CYCLE traffic across Scotland’s biggest city will be tracked by an innovative free mobile phone app launched by Glasgow City Council today to focus improvement spending on the busiest routes.

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It's possible that Neva Gordon-Dean's older brother Peter was the first person to surf in Scottish waters. Picture: Contributed

Roger Cox: Search for Scotland’s first surfer

THE search for Scotland’s first ever surfer has been a preoccupation of this column, on and off, for several years.

Devilla Forest, Fife. Picture: Nick Drainey

Walk of the week: Devilla Forest, Fife

DEVILLA Forest is a surprisingly peaceful place to escape to. The journey to it takes you past the industrial might of Longannet Power Station and further along the Firth of Forth’s coast is the shipbuilding hub of Rosyth, while across the water lies the huge sprawl of Grangemouth’s refinery.

Picture: Neil Doig

Walk of the week: Markinch to Leslie

In the 1850s the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway, already operating in Fife, had plans to build a number of branch lines to serve other towns.

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

The Best Gyms in Scotland

GONE are the days when you wanted to get fit and all that was on offer was the boring bog standard gym.

Falls of Clyde, New Lanark. Picture: Nick Drainey

Walk of the week: Four best autumn walks

AUTUMN provides a great spectacle, but where to enjoy it at its best? There are many places to savour one of nature’s most spectacular shows, so rather than only describing one walk, this week there is a choice of four of the best spots to get out and enjoy the colourful displays.

Ben Lui, Highlands. Picture: Ross Campbell

Winner of Scots mountain photograph competition

A photo of Scotland’s Ben Lui has won the 2014 UK Mountain Photo of the Year award.

Picture: Deadline News

Deer photobombs Glencoe tourist’s photo

Photo bombing has hit the Highlands after a deer pushed herself into a tourist’s photo of a mountain.


William Watson, president of the Scottish Surfing Federation. Picture: Contributed

Roger Cox: Scotland surfers celebrate independence

This weekend, when the best surfers in Scotland assemble in Fraserburgh for the annual Gathering of the Clans team contest, they will undoubtedly be celebrating their independence.

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