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This Silent Forest is a three-headed beast*, producing music in a trio of ways: full band, acoustic and orchestral shows.

Headed by lead singer Graeme MacDonald, the five-piece, which includes MacDonalds' sister and Bronto Skylift drummer Iain Stewart, have been making music together since 2008.

"This Silent Forest came together through friends and other bands, a very organic birth," MacDonald says. "The songs by themselves, just my voice and the acoustic, never sounded as full as they did inside my head, so I formed the band to get the sound I wanted. After a few changes in line-up we are now creating the sound I'm after."

Simple song structures, along with lyrics that wouldn't necessarily be filed under 'cryptic', mark This Silent Forest as a band that wears its heart on its sleeve. Folksy guitars and Celtic sounding vocals add to their allure, and it was this sound which helped earn them a place at The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, an event which pairs bands with a 15-piece orchestra at the Old Fruitmarket this week.

Sourced from the Under the Radar music blog

"I grew up on the classics of our generation, Queen, Runrig; rock ballads at their best, dad rock", MacDonald laughs. "My mum subjected me to classical music which was amazing, it's where I get my love of melody I think and I've always wanted to play with an orchestra."

Stepping up their rehearsal regime, the band hope their hard work will pay off with more exciting gigs next year. "I need to practice constantly just to keep up with my band," MacDonald says. "Everyone in the band knows we have to work, work, work to achieve anything; hard work is something that will hopefully make us and me stand out.

"We'll be in the studio in the New Year recording and then playing shows around the country. We want to play in unusual places, with other great bands and of course we are looking towards the summer festivals."

* Please note, for the purposes of the article three-headed beast means a band who play in different forms. Please also note, the beast is friendly.

This Silent Forest play The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle Showcase at the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow on 25 November.