On the radar: The Pineapple Chunks

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You may not believe it, but getting the facts straight is a mantra that's been drilled into the marrow of journalists since the rugrat days of hack school.

Sure, less scrupulous scribes at less scrupulous publications have refuted the pathway of morality, preferring to fish for sourceless quotes in their insatiable pursuit of circulation, but here at UtR we trade in one currency: the truth.

So when The Pineapple Chunks' drummer Owen Williams tells us his band were formed "in 1985 as a Huey Lewis and The News tribute act", the pinch of sodium chloride that usually accompanies our interviews was replaced with a ten tonne vat marked SAXA.

You see, the Edinburgh quintet aren't particularly serious when it comes to talking themselves up. In fact, when we settle down for our usual On the Radar natter, it quickly becomes apparent the group aren't particularly serious about anything at all:

"(We make music] 'cause it's fun," excites Williams. "Music is amazing, and we like to make it and play it front of other humans. Everyone should have a positive experience as much as possible. We think we make the kind of sound waves that help foster the feelings associated with positive vibes. It's nice to get back to a child-like, animal state of being."

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This animal instinct is pitted at the heart of The Pineapple Chunks arrangements. At times taut and rampaging, at others ill-fitting and lucid, theirs is a sound that plastercasts 70s psychedelia with C86 sneaker-staring, jamming atop a scoffing iconoclastic narrative not far removed from Eddie Argos' eye-rolled missives.

"We like to play with music, not just play it," says Williams, riddling his way through the band's MO. "Music is a creative force and we seem to be trying to tame it and control it. If you push it down on one side it just pops up on the other, so you have to jump, squeeze, shape, add and re-move because everything is different to each individual and to every moment. It's about feelings and emotions. Its abstract. It's a load of bollocks."

Flushed out with creativity, it's not surprising to learn The Pineapple Chunks dabble in a range of extra-curricular artistry: vocalist James Metcalfe has a portrait of Gregor Fisher up for a BP Portrait award; bass-player Judith Dodds does a sideline in bespoke T-shirts; guitarist Tim dabbles in oil painting; while Williams pummels drum-skins for a sprawl of local bands, including Rob St John and Benni Hemm Hemm.

So with their collective vision encapsulating a horizon of artistic endeavours, where do The Pineapple Chunks see their future lying?

"We already got to play with The Leg underneath a road so I think we can all die in a zen like universal of all encompassing, metaphysical peace," babbles Williams. "Oh and we want to play a gig in Glasgow please, anyone, please, hello, anyone there? And we want to play a gig on a farm to only animals! We also don't have any real proper good recordings, so we want to get into doing some of that."

See The Pineapple Chunks live at the following shows:

27 Aug @ The Electric Circus, Edinburgh

8 Sep @ The Electric Circus, Edinburgh