On the radar: Super Adventure Club

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A ghoulish tune-wielding trio emanating from the bowels of central Scotland, Super Adventure Club (SAC] make for a spine-chilling proposition.

(Listen to 'Built In Redundancy' by clicking the green button]

Their frothing clatter of skeletal guitar and cluster-bomb percussion has been pounding the grey matter of Central Belt crowds for the past 18 months and we here at UtR reckon the Livingston/Glasgow collective of Bruce Wallace (guitars/vocals], Mandy Clark (bass/vocals] and Neil Warrack (drums/vocals] are perfectly poised for a (very apt) stab at the big time.

Already an album down after the release of last year's thrilling Chalk Horror!, SAC produce exhilarating horror R&B with a bombast redolent of The Cramps, Sons & Daughters and (sadly defunct) Glasgow outfit, Uncle John & Whitelock.

It's a sound far removed from their dreamy, Enid Blyton-like moniker, but it seems this cheery-cheeked appellation underpins the band's absolute disdain towards, erm, folk like UTR and you dear reader. Hmmm...

Band frontman Bruce explains: "(SAC] was inspired by an episode of South Park. In the episode, the name Super Adventure Club sounds fun and nice, but actually represents something really offensive. We like things like South Park and Brasseye because they say a lot about how sensationalist the media can be, and how gullible the general public are."

A part of the hyperbole-spouting 'mee-ja' UTR may be, but we know a good thing when it explodes in our eardrums like an airstrike of sound and Super Adventure Club are definitely that.

Sticksman Neil (Waz to his chums) says of the band's future: "Our main priority is to continue making music that is both challenging and interesting to ourselves, we are not interested in coming and going fashions in music, we believe good music speaks for itself. If our fans still want to hear our new material and are kind enough to let us perform it for them, I think we will have achieved a great deal."

Discover Super Adventure Club for yourself at the following shows:

12 Apr @ The GRV, Edinburgh

13 Apr @ Cassette, Glasgow

29 May @ Cassette, Glasgow

30 May @ Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

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