On the radar: She's Hit

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Sleazy, sweaty and feedback-heavy, Glasgow-based garage punk act She's Hit are the perfect soundtrack to those darker days that herald the end of summer.

David "Div" Wilson, Michael "Mikhail" Hanson, Philip McLellan and Cameron "Cammy" Wilson have been playing the city's seedier basements for around nine months, and their baby-faced looks belie the darkness of their sound.

"We're doing what we're doing because we feel that there aren't a large quantity of bands doing what we are, especially in Glasgow. What we do just kind of… feels a bit different," explains David. "It's quite hard to find a lot of bands that we're really into – there are a few, Paper Planes being the best currently.

"We've not really encountered many other local bands like us. We put a lot of energy and forwardness into our shows – that's not to say you don't encounter that elsewhere, it's just we feel that performance is parallel to the sound that comes across."

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Drawing inspiration from feedback-ridden garage punk such as the Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide, the Cramps and XTRMNTR-period Primal Scream, even the band's name hints at their influences. "When we were picking the name, The Birthday Party – Nick Cave's project after the Boys Next Door – were our newest obsession," says David. "'She's Hit' is one of their songs, and it just seemed to fit."

Although that sparse, retro feel sets their music apart, the band are not without more contemporary pleasures. "The Raveonettes, the Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, A Place To Bury Strangers… really just all beautiful pop that has individuality and oddity about it," David muses.

The boys are currently working on an EP, due out early next year on local label/promoter Flowers in the Dustbin. "It'll be around four tracks, 'RE:PEATER' and 'She Slips' included, and then a remix of one or two of the tracks. Should be interesting," says David.

The band have a couple of shows coming up in September, which you can check out – along with a selection of Spotify playlists – on their MySpace page.