On the radar: Other People

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Other People are in no hurry.

Their music may have a certain chaotic urgency, but they're quite content to take things at their own pace.

"When we started the band we faffed about a bit. Then we faffed about some more," jokes singer and guitarist Andrew Manson. "We played our first gig in April this year and have managed to cram five more in between then and now, a work rate described as 'sports casual'. It's all been pretty relaxed so far, enjoyable even."

Scrambling together Other People by poaching from other (people's) bands, Manson explains their beginnings:

"When we first got together we sat down and talked about what we wanted the music to sound like, I think we ended up with half-drunk concepts like 'a cross between In Utero and Oracular Spectacular' or 'Pixies crossed with The Beach Boys'. Squint pop songs with loud guitars really. So far it's ended up more a mix of David Bowie and L7. And Bruce, our drummer, is a whizz in the studio, so he can really capture that Paramore sound!"

There are glints of Johnny Foreigner and Dananananaykroyd in the punchy vocals and pitched guitars, but Other People are actually more controlled than both bands. Fight-pop with a restraining order if you want to label it.

Sourced from the Under the Radar blog

Suffering from intense memory weakness, recording is a welcomed necessity for Other People: "We are recording at the moment, not to release, just so we don't forget the songs." laughs Manson.

"We have ten now, and a lot of new stuff that seems to be progressing really quickly all of a sudden. If we don't commit the ones we already know to some sort of recording then we will forget them. The band has a ten song memory, no more, no less. Which is just as well, because a lot of great records are ten songs long."

Live is where Other People are best heard, with Andrew's vocal range and tone a driving force behind the songs; in 'Whooplash' he sounds like a weekend drunk reeling off his shopping list. If you're not sure what to drink at the pub, have a wee listen above for inspiration. You might even see Other People at the table beside you, with Manson explaining their future plans:

"We'd like to to meet more often socially. To play to more people, maybe more than once a month, in different cities. To get on tour and come back smelling more competent. To think about what we have done, and do it better. And, to find a nice girl for our bassist Dave."

We'll leave most of that to them. And ladies, the last point is over to you.

Other People play Define Pop 2 at the Flying Duck (Kitchen Stage), Glasgow at around 7.30pm on Saturday.