On the radar: Miaoux Miaoux

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At the end of our Django Django interview last month we offered some priceless advice to new bands: name yourself twice. And although we can't claim credit for the latest double-barreled music maestro, perhaps it shows there's something in this ludicrous theory after all.

Because Miaoux Miaoux, the nametag for Julian Corrie's creative endeavours, is gaining admirers at a rate roughly twice as fast as could normally be expected (by my estimates).

But Corrie, it seems, had less careerist intentions in his choice of name: "When I thought of the name Miaoux Miaoux it was kind of a catch-all phrase for 'anything that I write with no specific purpose' - offcuts, ideas, beats - but it's definitely taken on its own identity. Plus it's the noise that French cats make, and I like cats!"

Indulging in a boundary-crushing mlange of electronica and post-rock sounds which he describes as "tricky beats, harsh glitches and soft pulses", Miaoux Miaoux is enjoying a return to underground prominence after a couple of years on the sidelines. He recently played warm-up for Geoff "Portishead" Barrow's new band, Beak, at King Tut's, he remixed a song for Zoey Van Goey, and he has a new EP (called Blooms) on the way.

Sourced from the Under the Radar blog

In case you missed him first time around, Miaoux Miaoux put out an album in 2007 called Rainbow Bubbles - although its timing wasn't exactly ideal for Corrie: "I had to leave Glasgow more or less the day after it was released, so didn't get much chance to promote it. People have said some very nice things though. Hopefully with the new EP coming out I can give it a better shot."

Unlike some of his glitchy contemporaries, Corrie, who also plays guitar in indie-pop outfit Maple Leaves (UtR profile), does not shy away from singing duties. "I've been listening to a lot of Apparat and Postal Service recently, and maybe because of that the new record has a lot of vocals on it," he says. "But then I'm a massive fan of Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed etc, and I think my stuff bridges the gap quite well. Oh, and decent dubstep, like Mount Kimbie and Appleblim."

And anyone planning to attend one of his live shows with visions of one-man-and-his-MacBook might have a surprise in store. "I was obsessed with doing an improvisational show for ages, where I go on stage with nothing prepared and program everything live, but it got very stressful and complicated," Corrie says. "Now I've got more song-based stuff it's me, an electric guitar, a synth and an MPC (Music Production Centre). I like to avoid using computers on stage if I can help it - I've been to a few electronica shows that look like a sales conference."

Miaoux Miaoux is the latest in a succession of electro-flavoured artists to set sparks flying in Scotland, and Corrie is upbeat about the current scene. "Scotland's always been amazing for music of all kinds, and electronic music is no exception - producers like Akira Kiteshi and Loops Haunt are doing completely mindblowing things on a regular basis, not to mention the LuckyMe guys. I guess it's that much smaller that you can build communities, and support one another a lot easier."

With his thoughts already turning to a second album, it looks like Miaoux Miaoux could soon rank in reputation alongside such mirror-image names as Django Django, Zombie Zombie, Liquid Liquid, and - dare I say it - Duran Duran.

The Blooms EP is released on 16 March with a launch party at The 13th Note. As well as a live set from Miaoux Miaoux, the night will feature Firebrand Boy and a DJ set from Errors.