On the radar: Gavin Gordon

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Gavin Gordon first caught our attention just over a year ago with his fully-formed songwriting and the kind of spectral, bluesy guitar playing to make Seasick Steve blush behind his beard.

A trip to Cabaret Voltaire to see him play live only confirmed our first impressions: he had the audience's undivided attention throughout an enthralling solo performance (no mean feat for a supporting artist when most early arrivals usually prefer to chat noisily at the bar. Grrr.).

But since then the MySpace site of this Glasgow native has shown little sign of activity, so we caught up with him for an update.

"At the moment I'm finishing my album," he says. "It's been a hard slog but it's nearly done. After that's done I'm going to do more stripped-down stuff with my acoustic guitar, because I'll need a 20-piece band to play the songs the way they are on the album! Or a powerful laptop."

(Play: Gavin Gordon - I'm In on the green button]

Gordon should know a thing or two about laptops, because he explores an utterly different musical realm - ambient techno - with his side-project Aeons. It may well have been this versatility that led Gordon to an intriguing collaboration:

"I've also finished working on an album with Mock & Toof which is just about in the can, and that should be coming out on DFA Records later this year, all going well. It sounds great; they are really good producers. They have a quirky and original sound. Polly from Pollyester sings on the album as well, though there are no duets with me and her, sadly."

Anything else to add?

"I have a techno gig in May so I'm doing some new tunes for that in the free time I can find. I like to keep it busy though."

Gavin Gordon performs as Aeons at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow on 5 May.

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