On the radar: Findo Gask

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There's a general consensus that Glasgow quartet Findo Gask are a band on the brink. But just what they're on the brink of depends entirely on your own predilections.

For the luddites, their Casiotone-skittered kaleidoscopes border on irksome pastiche; too cluttered and hyperactive to ever make the grade. Yet, more dynamic sorts (and you can count UtR amongst them] believe the group's transcendental Poptronica is ready to perforate the lugholes of the unassuming UK public.

Ever the progressives, Findo Gask are already setting out a plan to bridge the divide: "We hope our music has the potential to be liked by a wide range of people despite its strangeness - a top ten hit would be the icing on the cake," says bassist Gregory Williams.

(Play: Findo Gask - One Eight Zero on the green button]

Formed just two years ago, the band have indented the Scottish music scene with smoulders of zigzagging electronica and Indie-Pop melodies. Their debut single, the thrilling algorithmic hip shaker 'Va Va Va', was an instant classic, with Radio 2 luminaries Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie decreeing it "astonishingly good." High praise, indeed.

So what makes Findo Gask stand out from today's identikit tunesmugglers with a penchant for synthesisers? "As Gavin (Thomson – Keyboards] once said, it's about going to the periphery of music and bringing ideas back to the middle," explains Williams. "We try to use diverse sets of sounds to squeeze a lot of ideas into what is essentially pop music. We hope that this characterizes the music as innovative."

The vibrant illumination of Findo Gask's sound is reminiscent of a modern day Orange Juice, but underneath this feel good sensibility lurks an ear for meticulous compositions: "The Beach Boys have been an inspiration to us in terms of song-writing and arrangement," says Williams. "Brian Wilson's harmonic intuition combines wonderfully with his ability to make melodies both complex and immediately accessible...We like to think our music can do a lot of different things between out and out banging to soft and tender."

And variety is exactly what Findo Gask offer. Not only are they traders in delectable Electro-Pop ditties, but they also do a mean sideline in club friendly remixes, notably jiving up cuts for Bloc Party, Psapp and Yoko Ono (yes, apparently she makes music).

As for the future, Findo Gask wish only for simple pleasures: "The immediate aim for all of us is to be able to make music full time, giving us the ability to pursue all creative urges. It would be brilliant to be able to travel with our music, to meet and make friends with music lovers and lovely people in far away places."

Intrigued? Discover Findo Gask for yourself at the following shows:

25 Apr: Greenside Hotel, Leeds

12 May: The Captain's Rest, Glasgow

18 Jul: Narc Fest 09, Newcastle

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