On the radar: Divorce

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For the last half-century the numbers of married couples in Scotland separating has been on the increase. While the end of a marriage is not normally a cause for celebration, it can allow the partners a release to move on.

Similarly in the ascendant, but providing a release of a different kind (how's that for a link?), are Glaswegian five-piece Divorce.

With dates all over the UK under their belts since late 2008, they have earned a serious reputation for their blistering, cathartic live sets. In that time they have also released their debut EP to a warm reception from critics and fans alike, their 'pop songs for burn victims' finding many an appreciative ear.

Consisting of Hillary Van Scoy and Vickie McDonald on guitars, VSO on bass, Andy Browntown on drums and Sinead Youth on vocals, the band are currently putting the finishing touches to a couple of new releases for this year.

Sourced from the Under the Radar blog

Although formed out of a frustration that there were precious few bands in Glasgow making a really filthy noise, nominated band spokesman Andy tells UtR there was no clear agenda in mind: "All we wanted to do was 'make a noise', not 'do a punk band' or 'do a metal band', if we had tried to make it that specific we probably would've sounded rubbish!"

Occupying territory between noise rock and no-wave (or 'nae wave', as they call it) with a nod to 80s punk, this is not music for the faint of heart. The tight rhythm section holds everything together while the guitars are manhandled into emitting all manner of pained shrieks. Over all this Sinead's vocals are strident and angry with an underlying tunefulness.

Their debut self-titled 10" is out on Optimo Music in 2009, they have a split 7" with London art-noiseniks Comanechi coming out early this year on Merok Records, and they even have plans to go retro and release a split cassette with fellow Glaswegians and previous tourmates Ultimate Thrush later on. Why the antique format? "Cassettes are great, and it's gonna be fantastic to share one with probably our favourite band in Glasgow right now!".

With a penchant for chaos and a love of inciting circle pits and human pyramids, Divorce must be witnessed in the flesh. Having notched up gigs with bands like Part Chimp, Deerhoof, HEALTH and Lovvers, they're keen to keep preaching their twisted gospel to everyone who'll listen and will be taking their violent noise to as many new locales as possible. Having spent 2009 making friends and blowing minds, they plan to keep on doing just that in 2010.