On the radar: Cast of the Capital

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Cast of the Capital make music that sounds like it's been forged in a widescreen expanses, with empty roads trailing off into the horizon and mountains looming in the distance. That's not to say they sing in drawling accents, soundtrack barn dances or indulge in Ry Cooder-esque levels of slide guitar.

But their music is ingrained with that unmistakably American 'openness'; like The Shins or Band of Horses, it's possesses that wholesome, pristine quality that just doesn't seem native to our cramped nation's drab towns, grey skies and deep-fried diet.

Which would be fine if it weren't for the fact that brothers Matthew and Steve Morris, who formed Cast of the Capital with Alastair Naylor and Jamie Watt, all grew up in Aberdeen, not Austin, Texas. Maybe it was just all that fresh North Sea air?

Unsurprisingly, Steve reveals that their influences run the transatlantic gamut: "We listen to a lot of American bands such as Rogue Wave, The Shins and Death Cab For Cutie. However some Scottish acts have also really inspired us. Bands like Stapleton and Frightened Rabbit write such amazing songs, and I find myself listening to their music almost every day. Non musical… We all love to travel. I guess the feeling of discovering new places and meeting new people has influenced our music, I'm just not sure how."

Together for three years, it seems that the pace is finally starting to gather for the quartet, with a calendar virtually fully booked until the end of September (when they embark on a mini-tour with UtR-featured Trapped in Kansas) and a debut EP due for release that same month.

It seems that healthy ambition rather than unreal expectations is the band's current outlook. "We would do anything to have a career of writing music and touring," Steve says. "This is going to sound cheesy, but the idea of spending the rest of my life with the other three members of the band doing just that is totally awesome. We are going to try really hard to make it happen. For now, we are excited about our forthcoming EP and playing another couple of Scottish festivals over the summer months."

While the Aberdeen music scene has been both praised and panned on this blog by different north east acts, Cast of the Capital are upbeat about the city's sonic industry: "The Aberdeen music scene is excellent, if you look in the right places. With a bit of hard work and promotion you can get a really good gig any day of the week. Venues like The Tunnels and The Lemon Tree are perfect for rock shows, it's just a shame that so few touring bands come up here to use them."

Like what you hear? Watch Cast of the Capital live at the following shows:

24 Jul @ Tiger Tiger, Aberdeen

25 Jul @ Mambo's, Peterhead

28 Jul @ Westport Bar, Dundee

30 Jul @ Snafu (Dirty Hearts Club), Aberdeen

31 Jul @ Pitstop, Forfar

1 Aug @ Cosmopol, Glasgow

2 Aug @ Cape, Stirling

7 Aug @ Belladrum Festival (Seedlings stage, 15.15), Beauly, Inverness-Shire

15 Aug @ The Lemon Tree (Wizard Festival Showcase), Aberdeen

28 Aug @ Wizard Festival, New Deer

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