On the radar: Ambulances

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The debate over the power of the web in promoting new bands just keeps on going.

But when your MySpace page convinces a renowned producer to fly from New York to Scotland to record your debut album, you can pretty much put a tick in the "pro" column.

For Ambulances, that's just what happened when Kramer got in touch. You might recognise the name from some of his former clients: Low, Daniel Johnston, Galaxie 500, Jon Spencer... even GWAR.

"He said he'd do anything to work with us," explains Ambulances singer Sara Colsoton, "so we hired a cottage in the country, made a big pan of soup, set up our instruments and Kramer arrived with a teapot and laptop ready to go."

What emerged eight days later was Ambulances' dreamy, laid-back, stunning self-titled album, which Kramer describes as "a post modern psychedelic masterpiece".

"We didn't plan anything with regards to what tracks to record," Sara says. "Whoever wasn't sleeping, or walking the dog, or collecting logs for the fire, played on whatever song, and in a week we had 14 done.

"Rather than huff and puff over what to put on the album, we just put it all out there cos that's how it fell together."

Sourced from the Under the Radar blog

The six-piece – Sara is joined by guitarists and vocalists Scott Lyon, Graham Jack and Chris Miezitis, bassist Stephen Oswald and drummer Al Fraser – hail from Fife.

Sara says: "It's just a wee place, and you gravitate towards folk with a similar outlook on things. We were all drawn to the same places, so it was inevitable that we'd be drawn together.

"The band just came from enjoying each other's company and listening to each other's records – anything from Ivor Cutler and Robert Wyatt to the Beach Boys, Kate Bush, Gram Parsons and old reggae stuff."

As far as promotion goes, they have a similar style: "We just take things as they come. If anyone offers us something and we can make it, we'll be there.

"People are only just starting to hear about us now. Hopefully some of them will like what they hear and we'll get to play for them. We're just back from supporting Damo Suzuki in London which was a huge thrill."

Ambulances are also "doing wee bits and bobs" with fellow Fifer Steve Mason and will record some new material in the new year. "The Beta Band were always trying new things, and we definitely want to push things in different directions," Sara promises. "So we can't wait to see what comes from that".

See Ambulances live at the Greenside in Leslie on November 27