Nofit State Circus - Immortal

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FOR circus that celebrates the human soul rather than just the human body, you should make time to see Nofit State Circus at the Spaceship on Leith Walk. These performers may or may not be as strong and as technically accomplished as their Russian counterparts - it's hard to tell - but they seem to be having a whole lot more fun.

Before the production begins, a giant wall text invites us to imagine the cast as souls recently parted from their mortal bodies, inhabiting a limbo world where they have one last chance to experience happiness before finally being consumed by the abyss.

Then, to a haunting live soundtrack from the charismatic (if slightly odd) Peter Swaffer Reynolds and his band, these lost souls launch themselves into a captivating - and at times bewildering - display of aerial acrobatics, hula-hooping, tightrope walking, fighting and dancing.

It seems unfair to single individual performers out for praise when the entire cast operate almost as a single entity at times, but Gustav Lundstrom's Chinese Pole routine - in which he snakes his way up and down a lamp-post as if gravity no longer existed - is one of the most shake-your-head-in-disbelief beautiful things I have ever seen. And one of the most soulful.

• NoFit State Circus until 27 August. Today 2.50pm & 7.50pm

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